YouTube has been a significant part of my learning and I hope it’s the same for you. Over the past 3 years, I have immense myself so deep in topics ranging from cryptocurrency to trading, web design, investing, etc., and I can boldly say my life never remained the same. YouTube had given me a chance to learn from the best worldwide.

In this article, I will be sharing some insights about my cryptocurrency learning experience on YouTube. It all started in 2017 when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Ian Balina (a renowned crypto investor) explaining how to invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). See it below 👇.

I immediately glued my eyes to all his video content and I was soon well versed in Ethereum and how to participate in ICOs. I went further by converting all my Bitcoin(of 2016) to Ethereum and some altcoins, and I made a very good return on investment(ROI) during the 2017 crypto bull market.

Ian did sell most of his coins at the 2017 peak but I didn’t because, by that time, I was so fascinated and carried away by the technology in Bitcoin that I forgot to sell. I even thought the bullish ride will continue but it didn’t. Price started crashing down.

Moreover, by that time, I’d already switched from watching Ian Balina’s YouTube channel to watching Ivanontech YouTube channel, which does explain Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Ethereum in great detail.

In fact, back then, I was always watching Ivanontech daily market reviews and updates. The fun how was getting from knowing how blockchain technology could change the world rose beyond the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets. Their price became so insignificant.

Below is a video of Ivanontech and Andre Antonopolous which I really enjoyed.

Another channel I watched a lot back then was that of the Suppoman. He did daily reviews and market analysis which I did enjoy. However, he was wrong about many things and he made a lot of people lose money including me. But I don’t blame him, I’m the one responsible for my loss.

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Also, another thing you should understand about making open predictions online is that you can be front-runed(people get ahead of the trade before you) or shadow-traded (big players doing the opposite of what you predicted). To save your ass, stop making open predictions. Your positions will get leaked out.

This one of Suppoman’s market analysis that was quite wrong

The Andre Antonopolous Youtube channel was also a very good resource point during my learning. I watched all his major talks on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and I soon learn how the user interface and the experience were currently a big issue in the cryptocurrency space.

Andre was very versatile in the internet, cryptography, and blockchain technology. He even had a briefing with the Canadian senate in 2013 where he highlighted the impact of the cryptocurrency infrastructure in African countries like Nigeria and Kenya. You can watch it here, I posted it on the 9jacashflow Instagram account.

Here is a recent video by Andre discussing Bitcoin user-friendliness:

Furthermore, I moved to view Math Beesy daily review and later that of Youtube Channel. They were both insightful in my opinion. I even did a live interview with back in 2018, you can watch it here.

I was also a student on the education platform where I learned crypto trading, investing, and the Wyckoff SMI system. old market insights and analysis

I also learned how to do leverage trading via the Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube channel. I soon realized how stupid it is to by trading with 100x leverage. It’s just pure gambling. I had to stop using and recommending PrimeXBT, a platform that offers 100x leverage trading on Crypto and Forex market pairs by default.

Learn how to do crypto leverage trading from Bitcoin for Beginner’s Video

Above are the 7 major YouTube channel I learned from. Nevertheless, I also watch other channels like MMCrypto and Danvinci15. They all share insightful ideas and knowledge.

My favorite channel this year is the Dollar Vigilante channel. He has been sharing a lot of mind-blowing ideas on surviving recession and what he calls the plandemic. He’s a proponent of fully decentralized and anonymous currency like Bitcoin and Monero. He even released a new Bitcoin video that you got to watch. See it below.

Bitcoin “All The Way Up Music Video” by Dollar Vigilante

Those are the 7+ Youtube channels. What NEXT!

After learning a lot, I started sharing my ideas via my YouTube channel and I have gotten quite a number of subscribers and positive feedbacks.

Every single day someone gets to call me and tell me how they’ve found my content easy to comprehend and learn.

I’m so honored and happy I could help. Let’s keep learning, teaching others, and making the world better.

It’s gonna be fine.

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