Hi fellow entrepreneurs,

I want to give you some useful tips that will help you kick-start your new business to success. Keep reading and I hope you find it useful.

The first TIP is that you should communicate with at least one of your potential customer everyday. This very important especially if you’re in certain industries like IT and Finance. It will give you a broad overview of what is the current need or solutions needed by your customers.

By the way, you don’t need to visit the clients in their houses or offices. You can always meet them on Whatsapp. Again, your ability to schedule and carry out a meeting comes into place.

The second TIP is that you should also communicate with at least one person who’s an expert in what you do daily. This can be your mentors or advisers. You can also do this on Whatsapp.

My last but not the least tip is that you should try to engage on online communities on Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest etc. Engaging with your clients, experts and other like minds online will help you tailor down your solution to what the market needs.

Please and please, make sure you try these 3 steps. Don’t just IMAGINE your business all through in your head and expect things will work. Businesses don’t work in Isolation.

Thanks for reading. Lets go out there and make things happen.

I believe in YOU. 9jaCashFlow believed in YOU.