Nigeria Electricity System Operator stated in their report that electricity generation has been hovering around 2,600MW and 3,800MW as of 6.00 am every day since the start of this month, and plunged to 2,692.7MW on June 7.

List of idle plants: According to the report, seven power plants generated zero megawatts of electricity as of 6.00am on Monday. Three out of which were built through the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP).

  1. Afam IV&V in Rivers State.
  2. Alaoji NIPP in Abia State.
  3. Olorunsogo NIPP in Ogun State.
  4. Gbarain NIPP in Bayelsa State.
  5. Okpai IPP in Delta State.
  6. AES IPP in Egbin, and
  7. ASCO IPP.

The implication of owning idle power plants:

It’s worrisome to still languish in this situation. Come 2020, the narrative might be that the Giant of Africa still struggles with the challenge of power generation at 60 years after independence. Having invested in a project, and then letting it go fallow is enough to call it a sheer waste of national resources.

The implication is that the nation is selling itselves cheap on a global scene, and informing foreign investors who have been enduring the wait to vacate.

Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

Nigerian Foreign Direct Investment