9jacashflow.com is a business e-Portal focused on helping Nigerians create steady income online & offline. We plan to financially educate and alleviate over 20 million Nigerians from poverty by 2020.

As part of our re-branding strategy, we are seeking applicants with ambition and curiosity, who are stimulated by challenges, who believe in team work and who share our values.

Available positions are:

  1.  Studio Manager: The expertise needed here include studio management, video creation and editing etc. In addition, Having prior knowledge of broadcasting will be of advantage.
  2. Authors/content creators: The expertise needed here include all forms of content creation (Text, Audio, Video, PDF). Ability to write unique and captivating business related blog post will be of advantage.
  3. Social Media and Online Marketing Guru: We need both online and offline marketing gurus that can help us increase our fan base and audience reach. Good social skills and social media presence will be of advantage.
  4. Investors/Partners: We look forward to having partners and investors who believe in our projects and are willing to work with us long-term in other to achieve this goal. We would be willing to negotiate our company shares, profits & assets for potential investors/partners.

Interested Applicants should reach out to our HR Personnel using the contact box below:

Job Application Form

    For more inquiries, kindly call +234 810 185 0909.