Phone Number Database of Over 50 Million Nigerians – Free Download


Phone Number Database of Over 50 Million Nigerians for advertisement purpose-Free download you can resell for any amount

50 million database of nigerians for adverts

Before you were tempted to opening this post, I knew you had something at the back of your mind, and that’s Bulk-SMS. Bulk-SMS is basically the process of sending bulk text messages to phone numbers of individuals ( maybe your customers, clients, the members of a group or organization) with the main aim of notifying, thanking, advertising or making something known to people.

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This phone-number database is relevant in the area of advertisement;

  • we can use it to enhance our advertisement,
  • we can use it to advertise any product or services,
  • we can use it to invite people for any occasion or activity.

Imagine you can make a product or services go public to over 3000 people, or you can invite 3000 people to a seminar, activity etc. how happy will the organizer of those events be, they will be ready to pay more cash to you for advertising purpose. And the funniest thing is that over 95% of text messages are opened 5 minute after been delivered, so you should not panic, you would get real and fast result on advert campaign.

The phone-number database is a combination of over 50 million active Nigerian’s phone number, arranged according to state, city, local government and street. This can be a very great asset if you only put it into use. The 50 million database of phone numbers cost over ₦15,000, but I will be giving it out for free (token amount), shortly.

How to use the database: to use the database for advertisement purpose, you will need a bulk-sms website to send the messages to the individual’s phone numbers online. What you then need to do is to open the database, copy the phone number of the people in a particular state that you want your advert to be sent to, may be Lagos. You then login to your account with any bulk-sms website, click on compose message, paste the phone number under recipient (receiver), write the name of the message and indite (compose) your message and within few minutes it’s delivered. Depending on the bulk-sms website you are using, they will charge ₦1 per unit of sms. If you are sending message to 200 people you will need 200 unit which will cost ₦200.

Example of reliable bulk-sms website:


How to make money from this phone-number database: to make money from this database, you need to act like an advertising agent for churches, activity centers, seminars, occasions, businesses and organizations. For example, if you come in contact with a person who is having a wedding around FUTA junction (Akure), you could explain to him or her that you could provide the service of inviting 1000 people living in that area and if he agrees you can charge him ₦10 per phone number or person invited, don’t forget it will only cost you ₦1 x 1000 = ₦1000 and you will charge ₦10 x 1000 = ₦10,000 after the work. That’s ₦9000 profit, you can also use this method to help churches or businesses to get customers. You just need to copy the phone numbers of people living in that area that you want to advertise to, and send a smart/generous message using any bulk-sms website, inviting them or telling them about a new product/services/event.

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How many of you receive different text messages daily, telling you about service, goods or opportunities even though you do not request for them, example are messages from MTN N, Jumia, Konga etc. they use the same method to advertise and broadcast there product or services.

Everything I have been explaining is referred to as the mobile marketing system and everything you need to start making money from this method is further explained in this material (mobile cash system) the mobile cash system contains the phone number database and other necessary information. Although it cost over ₦40,000 to get the updated database, I will be giving it out for free (a token amount) because of my altruistic (always wanting to help others) nature/mind.

You will get this newer and updated version at a more reduced and cheaper price.




if you act fast, you get it today,

, at a token sum of ₦5,000 only.

NOTE: This offer is only available for the next 5 days, at exactly

, the price goes back to the normal price of ₦15,000 for the whole database.


You get 100% Money Back Guarantee within 7 days, if what you DOWNLOADED was nothing but CRAP.

No hassle, you don't even need to tell me the reason. Just request for your money and you will get a refund instantly alongside an apology for wasting  your precious time.


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You can as well pay the ₦5,000 into any of the below bank accounts.

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NOTE: After successful payment, send an email to or call 08101850909 providing the following payment details:

Date of Payment:
Amount Paid:
Teller Number:
Bank Name and Branch:
Name of the depositor:


You will get the download links sent to your email address within 10 minutes of confirming your payment.


Screenshot_2016-08-05-10-10-06 Screenshot_2016-08-05-10-10-32 Screenshot_2016-08-05-10-10-41 Screenshot_2016-08-05-10-10-49


When you buy the phone number database, you get the following bonuses  free of charge;

  Online business course Online Business Foundation Course

How to start your own Online Business

Worth over ₦5,000

 Profitable import business How To Start A Profitable Importation Biz

2017 update on how to start your own successful importation business in Nigeria.

Worth over ₦5,000

  5000+ Extracted Whatsapp Group Contact
2017 extracted whatsapp group contact for your mobile marketing campaign.Worth over ₦4,000


NOTE: You wont always see this offer, so make good use of it while it last.This same phone number database is sold for #40,000 on other platforms, that's ₦35,000 more than my price.


Always to your financial success,
Lawal Kehinde
CEO ColossalNet Technology LTD

PS: You have to learn more to earn more, don’t have yourself to blame if you never see this benevolent product again.


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  1. Thank you so much for this. It’s very helpful. I just downloaded it but federation1 to 4 are corrupted… Is there any help you can offer for that pls!

    • You probably downloaded it on your android phone which doesn’t not open zip file.

      Kindly open the zip file on your laptop or use ES explorer to open the compressed file on android device.

    • Hello dear,

      Pls kindly read the detail of the writeup.

      The updated veraionnof the phone number database of over 50 millions Nigerians phone number is not free. It now cost 8k.

      Kindly follow due process stated in the write up in order to get a copy sent to your email.

      Best regard,
      Kehinde Lawal

  2. Thanks you very much for giving such a valuable information at that token price.

    I just paid online through Voguepay payment processor and i got the download link instantly.

    It worth the price and i see it good coming back to drop a comment here.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It’s very helpful. I just downloaded it.

    Is there any help you can offer in terms of internet marketing.

    • Thanks for taking your time to give us the feedback, we really appreciate.

      We @ are always ready to proffer solution to your marketing challenges.

      We hope to get you more sales.

      Stay blessed.

  4. Thanks very much for giving us value at the reduced sum.

    Just paid online through Voguepay payment processor and i got the download link instantly.

    I will like to ask if i can get email data base as well.

  5. I really appreciate you so much, but i don’t know if you help me extend it to on the 15th of this month, for the collection of the cash,am condobery peace, my phone no. is 07059676243

    • Yes, the numbers are with their names and gender.

      We don’t have for politicians to be specific, but its most likely they are among the numbers in each local government in a state.


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