One year after Propy’s token sale and 300 000 lines of code in the background. Propy popularly refered to as the Amazon of Real Estate is now recognized by a number of governments, institutions and is well on its way to revolutionizing global real estate transactions.

According to Natalia Karayneva (Propy CEO) the inspiration for Propy came from Airbnb and Amazon’s simple interfaces for online purchasing. “For the first time a platform could be Amazon for real estate, where a buyer remotely can click on a property, pay for it, and get a title-deed. The title-deed is secured by blockchain,” she said. “Without a blockchain, the authorities would not trust us. The brokers and sellers and buyers would not trust us.”

To celebrate this year’s ‘Propyversary’, here are some curated achievements of the Real estate blockchain titan.

1. Named one of the Coolest Blockchain Startups at NYC’s Consensus.

2. We are proud to announce that Propy is 2018 Inman Innovator Award Finalist in the Most Innovative Real Estate Company category

3. MOU with the government Ukraine and publicly signed bill in Vermont to handle all real estate deals is too important not to mention.

4. Cross-border real estate transactions of properties in San Francisco, Rome, London, UAE, China, Russia in short all over the world.

5. The company initially accepted only cryptocurrency, but fiat currency is now acceptable for transactions.

6. Forbes named the co-founder Denitza Tyufekchieva in the 30 under 30 category, reserved for the most daring innovators.

7. Successfully organized meetups around the world – Singapore, Lagos, Hong kong but to mention a few. With participants going as far as exposing themselves to the elements to go learn about the potential of Blockchain technology in the real estate industry.

8. Propy’s CEO, VP, CTO, Executives and Ambassadors have been interviewed on various channels such as BBC, Legu etc and invited to countless number of Real estate Conferences, Seminars, Expos etc due to the incredible work being done.

9. Partnership talks with HMLandRegistry (UK government land registry agency).

These are just a tip of an iceberg, many plans and programs are still underway… WATCH OUT!!!