Here I share my experience about the newly completed Lagos – Ibadan Railway station. I’d a wonderful experience boarding the train from the terminal at Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos to Moniya, Ibadan, Nigeria.

My co-passengers were nice and fun to be with. In fact, they discuss a range of topics affecting Nigerians, like politicians, religion, laziness, big boys, etc.
Watch the full video for more details. Also below is the timestamp for you to slide through the video.


00:24 Main entrance at Alagomeji, Yaba.
00:43 Ticket Information
01:06 Elevator to the waiting room
02:20 Waiting Room
02:57 The train
03:11 Inside the train
03:38 My seat
3:47 Toilet
05:15 Number of seats
06:14 Railway track
06:52 Poor internet Coverage
07:03 Power Outlet with USB
7:34 TV in the train
8:38 Attendant room
9:06 Alighted at the terminal in Moniya, Ibadan
11:01 Some Tips
11:36 Outro