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Here is how to make money from Facebook guaranteed!

Seriously, how would you like to earn ₦50,000 or more from Facebook on a weekly basis? Interested? I’m sure you would!

In that case, this web page shows you in explicit detail how to make money from Facebook on an ongoing basis.

You will also learn lots of strategies, tips and tricks to use in exploiting this home business opportunity that you can take advantage of right from the comfort of your home.

Do you have a profile on Facebook? I suppose that you do – because last time I checked, there were over one billion active users of Facebook, the No. 1 social networking site in the world, second only to Google in terms of website traffic.

Of that number, over five million persons are resident in Nigeria. And do you know the most interesting part of the matter? The number keeps on growing by the passing second.

However, if you do not have a profile on Facebook, head on right over now to create one. I will be right here waiting for you. To create a profile on Facebook now for free, click here.

Once you have done creating your profile, begin connecting with old friends, business associates, colleagues, old schoolmates and members of your immediate and extended family.

You can send friend requests to friends of your friends and include them in your Facebook friends in order to have a robust cycle of friends on facebook.

Now to the Interesting Part!

There are two approaches to making money from Facebook.

    • The Indirect Approach
  • The Direct Approach


The Indirect Approach

The indirect approach to making money from Facebook require a great deal of effort and, funny enough, that is the route that many people often take in their internet marketing efforts.

With all the limitations and challenges of the solo approach, the inexperienced internet marketer often wonder why he or she fail to make money from Facebook after some time of having a go at it.

After a few tries using the indirect approach and they do not make any money, what do they resort to?

Bereft of all ideas, they give up and conclude that there is no money to be made from Facebook! After all, if there is any money to be made from the social network media, they would have long made it ever before other persons even tried!

So, what does the indirect approach involve? The indirect approach involves registering with some affiliate marketing company, such as SiteSell’s, 5 Pillar Affiliate program, winthrillsnetwork.

Thereafter, you begin promoting the affiliate program through the posting of status updates and sending of personal messages to those in your Facebook cycle of friends.

How many people do you think that you will be able to convince to join the program in this way? Not many I assure you! that’s why many people give up, after just a few tries at the indirect approach of making money on Facebook? Certainly not.

The best way to describe the indirect approach is to see it as someone having a monkey on his back that requires constant feeding and attention every single minute of the day and never leaves. That method is archaic and ineffective. Drop it!

Are you using the indirect approach? Then it is time to change! Why? Because you will never be able to make money from Facebook using the indirect approach – that’s why! Or, if you make any money at all from this approach, it will never amount to much.

To buttress the above assertion, you need to remember the primary reason why people visit Facebook and other such social network media. People visit social network media for the primary reason to “catch fun” – plain and simple.

They are not avidly looking to be “sold” by some enthusiastic affiliate marketer. So they will subconsciously resist any attempt to sell anything to them. That is why if you send unsolicited messages to them, otherwise known as spam, you will not get the desired result from them.

But, even at that, a large majority of Facebook users are dissatisfied with their 9-5 desk jobs and would like to see a change, and fast too. Thus, they will respond to you, if only you use the right approach.

Consequently, you need to adopt a slightly different approach from the indirect approach. And what is that? It is the “Direct Approach”.

The Direct Approach (involves marketing your product or services directly)


The direct approach to making money from Facebook is a better approach – by far. So, how does the direct approach work?

This method requires that you pull the efforts and resources of your cycle of friends and their own cycle of friends and the cycle of friends of your friends’ cycle of friends.

Do you see the potential in this? As a matter of fact, the potential is limitless as you attract other like-minded individuals to your Facebook community. Using the direct approach, you cannot fail to see positive response and results within a short time.

The steps to using the direct approach are described below:

    • First Step: Find a Product or Service that you wish to promote. If you wish to join an affiliate marketing company and promote their products and / or services, you may visit sites like to search for related affiliate programs to join and promote from your Facebook community page.


    • Step Two: Once you have created a profile on Facebook, you should now be able to create a community page. The next step is to create a community page on Facebook with a catchy title, like Earn $250 Or More Weekly On facebook.After creating a community page and uploading a logo for the page, invite all your friends to join your community page and encourage them to invite their friends to the group as well.


    • Step Three: The third step is to create a 5-page free report centered around your niche or chosen subject area, that is the service or product you sell.


  • Step Four: The final step is to promote your community page either using Facebook ads or using a GSM shortcode and send it to all GSM numbers in your target area.

The most appealing thing about making money from Facebook is that you do not even need a website in order to promote your home business opportunity.


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