A lot of times we share our thoughts, experiences, ideas, jokes, funny and happy moments, feelings and writings on social media but it all ends in laughs and temporary feeling of happiness.

In this modern world, social media giants reel in all the profits made from your posts in the guise of offering you free services.

And have you ever thought of getting paid for sharing those beautiful lines of yours? Well yes… You can actually get paid on steemit.

Steemit is a blogging and social networking website that is based on the Blockchain technology. It rewards publishers on the website with Steem and steem dollars (which are tradeable and can be sold for Bitcoin then cash) for posting and commenting on contents. Steemit has +1 million user accounts, over 69,480,000 monthly users and it’s growing exponentially.

So how do you join steemit?

First you visit steemit.com and signup with a valid email address, afterwhich you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Click on it and it will take you to a verification page. Input your country and phone number, you’ll get a verification code, Confirm it.

Now you wait for approval which can take 24 hours to 2 weeks depending on how many people are in queue.

Once you are approved, Explore, make friends, post all you want and get paid in steem while you have fun!
Connect with me here: steemit.com/@petermuller/

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