Starting a profitable import business in Nigeria

Banish those thoughts, such as

  1. You need to travel abroad before starting a confirm importation business
  2. I will lose all my cash if the goods don’t get delivered
  3. Cant the custom change or steal my goods

As for me, I will say one of the easiest ways to make money Online, is through importation business (Because it’s direct). I will try my best to give you all the basic information you need to know about, importation business.

As an experienced importer, I will divide importation business into 6 major phase or procedures:

  1. Importation Platform
  2. Buying of Hot Selling Product
  3. Payment Method
  4. Risk Control (ESCROW)
  5. Tracking & Delivery of Goods
  6. Selling of Goods

Importation Platform: These are the various trusted websites, where you can import goods at dead cheap price and resell at a larger price. The most reliable shopping portals, which I use personally and always are:

  1. ————————————————–[100% safe)
  2. also the same as —–[100% safe]
  3. expensive shipping
  4. I rarely use this but it is also safe——[70%]

The funniest thing is that, this two Nigeria middle seller( and ) buy from this same import sellers and after adding there profit, they sell to.

I will advise you start with the first 2 websites and ensure you register with the right details.

Buying of Hot Selling Product: If you miss this you miss the business. You don’t just import any product or buy a product because you think it’s very cheap, I will definitely make larger profit!!. You need to buy what I call “Hot Selling Product” or “Hot in Demand Product”
This are also like other products, but better in the sense that they are the common, latest, raining, most wanted, highly demanded, useful and easily marketed product. This product varies with season/weather and location. Example of such products are:

  1. Android Tab MTK 6570 (all android phones in general): this phone cost ₦11,000, its one of the most reliable cheap-android tablet. I buy at ₦11,000 and sell at ₦15,000, just ₦5000 gain per sale
  2. The Tire Inflator: nearly all reasonable driver will by this because it pumps any deflated tire within seconds using the car battery. It’s very durable and portable. You can buy it at a token amount of ₦2500 and sell for ₦5000 plus.
  3. Solar power bank or Ordinary power bank:
  4. Flash drives:
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Payment Method: This is the way you pay for the goods and services you want to order, before the order can be processed and delivered to you. You can use any acceptable MasterCard from Zenith, GTB or UBA but if you don’t have any of the above listed cards, you can work into any UBA office and request for a UBA Africard, this card cost just (₦700) and you don’t need to be an account owner before you can get it.

Risk Control (ESCROW): This is a recent development which secures the money of the buyer until he receives the goods ordered for. I will advice you always use because it provides this service. All you just need to do is to click on “GOOD RECEIVED” if you receive your goods or “OPEN DISPUTE” if your goods were not delivered, and your money will e returned within 5 working days (mind you, if you receive the goods and lied that you do not receive it there is a way they will know.

Tracking & Delivering of Goods: After payment of goods have been received and verified, the seller will ship your goods to your residential address and provide you with the shipping details. You will then go to the shipping website and track your goods using the shipping details, until your goods is delivered.
The goods will be delivered through the post office or pre-agreed delivery option, where you will need a valid ID card to claim that you are the owner, and including other fees like ₦200 or more for custom fees etc.

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Selling of Your Product: I am not actually going to teach you how to sell your product; I will only give you tips or advice on selling your product.

  1. Online presence: You can create a facebook page for the product you sell or a create website
  2. Always try to collect money before you order for another person, even though is half payment
  3. Don’t involve family or friends, unless you are sure it won’t affect you negatively.
  4. Don’t always sell on credit, people will buy your product, so far you keep buying hot selling products.

I bought an ebook of recent about importation biz, for #5000, the material/information in the book have greatly benefited me, so i will be giving it out for free.

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Yours cheerful being,
Best of luck.