The major key to a successful digital product creation is finding a problem and providing a solution to it.

Most new internet marketers without due diligence will just create a product they feel is good, but that mostly doesn’t actually solve a problem that is prevalent in the marketplace, thus, there isn’t any real demand for the product, then the result is frustration for the creator due to the great deal of time and effort invested in the creation of the product. And then, the person goes around with the opinion that there’s nothing like making a profitable living online. Most times calling it ‘hoax’, ‘scam’.

In order to have an in-demand product, you must create a product that solves a problem. If it’s a prevalent problem that cuts across the industry, and you develop a perfect solution to it, you will have people scrambling to get your product, thereby filling your pocket with nice profits.

So, problem + solution = cash.

The solution can be an ebook, a software, a membership website with information and resources to solve the problem etc.

Now, the question is ‘how do you identify a problem to be solved? ‘

It’s simple, just do some observations & research: one way to do this, is to do a search on your favorite search engine based on the topic or industry you are interested in.

Another way is reading online newsletters and magazines related to your preferred industry to find potential problems that you can develop a product around.
When you stumble upon an issue or problem that continues to be raised by several people online, i.e in a forum, then chances are that this is a problem to be solved. Then, build a product that will solve or alleviate it. The result will be huge profits and gaining a reputation as a problem solver.

What do you think?