The Basics Of Online Business in Nigeria


Have you ever:

  • Tried all forms of online businesses and yet did not succeed in anyone.
  • Pondered for hours, on what online business is all about.
  • Wondered, why you have never made a single dine online.
  • Been pushed to the wall in concluding that 90% of online business are crap.

Then this post was exclusively written for you, by lalkay96.

10 Basics of Online Business In Nigeria

  1. What you need is what you have, nothing else: One funny fact about online businesses that keeps bulging me up, is the fact that people always think, they need this or that in-order to make it in online business, but the plain fact/truth is that, you don’t need anything else/special to succeed in online business, what you need is what you have. i used to have a friend of mine, who is a webdesigner, he always complains about getting “so so” new themes and plugins before it’s blog or website can be standard, but since the day, i told him all those themes/plugins are unwanted necessities, and there is more beauty in simplicity, he started  making good use of is blog, he never stressed himself again about any fucking themes/plugins. Those plugins don’t determined your success online, if you have them it’s an advantage, if you don’t have them then make good use of what you have.
  2. Provide a service: Online business is  thesame as offline business, the only different is the use of technology or  internet. Since business, whether online or offline is all about providing service, a major fact/basis about online business is providing a service and getting money in return, if you don’t provide any tangible service then you don’t expect any huge amount of money. Most programs on the internet with little or no service/workdone and expectation of large sum of money, are all scams, such programs includes: referrals and marketing network, in which the service you provide is to, just bring people in and expect money, you end-up working for the company and not realizing any money(potential benefit) at the end.
  3. What service do you provide: Another major basis about online business is the type of service that you provide, if you provide little or no service then  don’t expect  any huge amount of cash. Services that brings in money includes: Blogging, Freelancing, Sport betting, Binary options, Forex and Webdesigning. The amount of risk in the form of online business you undertake is also proportional to the amount of money you would make, that is “more risk more money“.
  4. Do more of  what’s working and less of what’s not working: Most people waste alot of time online doing whats not working for them, the fact that something is working for your friends does not mean it will work for you. To succeed in online business, you need to do more of whats working for you and less of what’s not working for you. if sport betting is working for you than blogging, concentrate more time on sport betting.
  5. Learn from professionals in the business: Time is a determining factor when it comes to making money online, since you can’t afford to waste a single seconds of the day, you need to learn from professionals. Most times when something is still in vogue or when some tweak or method just get in town, it usually get to the hands of the professionals first, and by the time it get to the crooks and crannies of the society, those professional have already moved on to another form of methods/business. If you know you want to make cool cash online, then you can’t afford to loose  contacts of professionals in your form of online business.
  6. Beware of mouth-watery lairs: The major adverts headlines online nowadays, now got many experienced online businessman like myself (Lalkay), pondering on what’s going on in the online business industries. You see people saying thesame thing in a million ways, though that’s what i call inner intelligence, you must stay clear off people, who just add mouth watery lies in other to sell a product or service, these people just broadcast over a thousand lie without stating the plain truth about the form of online business, they intend to teach you. I once saw an information marketer, who teaches people  how to buy goods online from websites, that sells cheaper than Aliexpress, it’s not that am condemning them, it’s just that, the main fact about importing business is, buying hot-in-demand products in bulk, and not buying cheap products.
  7. Venture into one form of business at a time: It’s no doubt that, if you do many forms of business at the same time you end-up not succeeding in any, as the old saying says ” Jack of all trade master of known”, thesame goes with online businesses. If you undergo Sport betting, Binary option, Forex, freelancing, blogging, information marketing together at once, you would eventually end-up not even succeeding in one. As for me, am a professional web-designer, Blogger and i do Freelancing on Fiverr, that’s all for now. And as you can trust me, am a master in what i do.
  8. Advertise your brands/product/service: It’s a known fact nowadays that if you don’t advertise your business, you wont get as much exposure that you should get, and the growth of your business will be slower than normal. You need to add intense advertisement and promotion to the good online business and brand you undergo/undertake, so that people can get to know and have trust in your business/brands. If you know how much Konga and Jumia of nowadays spent on advertisement and promotion alone, you will be left mouth opened, cause that’s tens of millions of  Naira’s.
  9. Put yourself to constant improvement: You want to keep making waves in the online business sector, then you need to keep getting ahead of others in the game, and how do you do this, you need to devote yourself to constant improvement in your form of online business. If you are into sport betting, you most decide to always update your library with major eBooks on online betting. if you are a web-designer you must update your library of themes/plugins to meet modern webdesigning requirements.
  10. Don’t give up: Lastly the foundation on which all forms of businesses/success in life is build on, is “never giving up”. In any form of online business you undertake, you will fail many times in the beginning, but what’s important is always moving on and never giving up. I remembered a popular online businessman, who once said he built about 7 website before he built the one that started making him, lot of cash. I have built about 3 website before i built which am already getting enough fortune from.

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