The Future is indeed going to be bright. I can see it painted in green from every angle. But why? This is because our Energy, Automobile, Work etc. will become renewable.

First let’s talk about Green Energy:

Do you like the buzzing noice of oil powered generators? I’ve never liked it and I’m sure you don’t. So what are the alternatives? Solar and wind. And thats what the futire is going to be filled with.

Let’s also look at Green Automobile:

How would you feel if your first automobile was Tesla? How would you feel if you never had to buy fuel into your car again? Off course yuo will feel great, and that’s exactly how the future will be. You will see everyone rocking electrical-powered cars.

Furthermore, our work will be Green:

Another name for this is remote work. It simply means you can work from wherever you’re anytime any day. How would you feel if you had that kind of flexibility and time to yourself? Off course, you’d feel great, and that’s how the future will be.

Many people will work from home. Others will work while hanging on sofas across the globe. I do not know about you but I like this lifestyle. I like flexibility, and I believe in the future.

Finally, I also believe the future will be for those that travel light. I mean people that aren’t attached to anything. People that operates their business without their present. In fact, what diffrentiate this people from others is that they’re always mobile. All they will ever need can be fixed into a brief case. Is that you? Maybe or Maybe not.

In conclusion, the future will be green. I see my first car being a Tesla. I also see my house being powered by solar. All this coupled with the fact that I can work wherever I want in the world.

It does seem crazy but the question is that, are you ready for the future? I’m, and I hopefully believe you do.

Bye for now! And until next time. Keep learning.