The general role of Financial technology companies is to help subdue the bad relationship between the financial sector and its customers by providing an easier and faster means of offering financial service delivery all around the world.

The board of directors of Cheetah Africa announced that it will be revealing itself as a new Fintech Financial Technology non-profit organization which will be effective from August 3, 2018.

Cheetah Africa is a non-profit Fintech company that is aimed at being the pool of African startups and innovations. The company is to leverage on advanced technology like the blockchain to see that countries in Africa rise from third world countries to first world countries by investing in several African startups and initiatives.

Cheetah Africa promises to provide necessary support structures for African Fintech startups and ideas that will be needed for global relevance and revolution in the Africa socio-economic system.


The launch is set to happen on August 3, 2018, in Lagos, Nigeria. Several prominent speakers coupled with a good number of venture capitalist ranging from the blockchain to the fintech space will be in attendance at the event. These speakers and capitalists include; Mr Chimezie Chuta – Paxful’s Regional Director For Africa, Anthony Lopez – CEO, Evangelist Capital, Abiodun Sowemimo – CEO, CvMetric Network Company , amogst others.

The main discussion at the meeting will entail talks about unleashing the potential of Africa, and also getting and educating people about the potentials of blockchain technology and the role of fintech companies. At the event, there will also be funding for a number of business ideas in Africa.

Speaking with the Execute director – Nathaniel Luz; he said that “Everyone says that Africa will be; but we at Cheetah Africa say that Africa is now, Africa is in the present- this is what we are looking forward to.”

“There has never been an event like this before, there has never been a non-profit in the fintech space; the company is set to start a trend that has never existed”, said Mr. Luz

He also proposed that in the next three years that the company will be visible in every country in Africa; and that in five years time, there will be hubs in every African country.

Conversing over the phone with Mr. Lucky Uwakwe – Co-Founder of Cheetah Africa; he said that Cheetah Africa will be aimed at making the African entrepreneur scale up by providing a platform that will make capitals and investors interested in their projects, startups, ideas, and initiative.

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