Disclaimer: Everything in this post will only work for you if you are offering quality products or services in your business if you are genuine and not trying to rip people off.

There’s a business trick only successful business owners know. This one trick will help you gain more paying customers in your business. Not just any paying customers, but high paying ones.

Although in business, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Rules, procedures and guidelines are not set in stone. They can be changed anytime to fit your business model. In business, always keep an open mind, an innovative spirit and a flexible outlook.

The trick to getting them to come and buy from you is simply to take away the risk of doing business with you.

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Customers are the life-blood of our businesses. They are the forces behind the business. To them, every buying decision is a gamble. They don’t want to regret that they spent a lot of money paying for your service or buying your product.

Imagine buying a very expensive car from a local car dealer, only for the newly acquired car to start developing faults a few months later. Or imagine that you walk into a barber’s shop hoping to get the trendiest hair cut but found out that your barber is as worse as they get.

This is the major reason why many people love to buy from big names and trusted brands. Therefore, as someone who is looking to gain new customers, you must find a way to put their minds at rest and assure them that they are making the best decision by buying from you.

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So how then will you take away the risk from customers?

1. Sell To Them At A Lower Price

Offer to sell your product or render your service to customers at a lower price than the original price, and make sure that they know you are doing this. This way, they will be willing to take the risk, simply because they can afford to lose that amount of money should they dislike your offering.

It’s a great way to take risks away from a customer. If they are paying a relatively low amount, they won’t worry whether it’s a great offering or not.

2. Let Them Sample For Free

Let customers test your products for free, or give them a free trial. Everybody likes a free trial. Many online marketers will allow you to trial their products for free for one month, others for two weeks and so on. But they will let you input your card details so that as soon as the free trial period is over, they start charging you.

They know that 2 weeks, or one month for free is enough to make you fall in love with their products, that’s why they use this tactic, and it works well. You don’t have to keep giving people for free for a whole month, just let them see that you are willing to show them how great your offering is by making them sample it for free.

3. Offer An Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

The thing is, not everyone asks for their money back if they didn’t like your offering. They just move on to another business. But offering them their money back shows that you are willing to go to any lengths just to show that your offering is great.

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Offering a money-back guarantee makes your customers feel relaxed. You have completely taken the risks off their shoulders and put it squarely on yours. They have seen that they can trust you and that they have nothing to lose.

4. Prove Your Credibility

Why should they trust you? Why should they pay you for your offerings when there are many trustworthy brands out there? The answer is simple. Prove to them that you can be trusted. Since people only deal with brands they can trust, you have to make them trust you, by proving that you can be trusted.

So get people to use your products and offer their testimonials. Ask people who have bought from you previously to drop a review on your website, or get an expert to recommend your product or service.

5. Invest In Your Own Business

It’s unwise to try to promote a business that you have not properly invested in. Spend money on your business and get many things right. Before anyone can offer you their money, they need to see the level you have gotten to.

Get a self-hosted website, create social media pages, create quality content, invest in good design for your designs and marketing collateral. Spend a good amount of money on adverts, make sure that your products are of good quality and render the best services to your customers.


When you offer customers the opportunity to do business with you completely risk-free, you increase your chances of making it in business. But do not forget the one important factor in all these, make sure that you are offering quality products and services.