A business in it’s simplest form consist of a solution to a problem and the people providing that solution.

It’s this solution to a problem that clients/customers pay for. And how well you solve this problem will depend on how good the people in your team are, and the various resources you have.

Today, I will be sharing some small business ideas you can easily setup with little resources and people in 2019.

Small business here means a business with less than 500 workers/employee. And you will agree with me that most Nigerian business are small businesses.

Top 20 Business Nigerians Can Start in 2019

  1. Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading
  2. Career Coaching
  3. Digital Marketing(help companies sell online)
  4. Event Planning
  5. Home Based Catering
  6. Daycare Centers around Home
  7. Maintaining Yards
  8. Odd Job or Errand Service
  9. Computer Servicing
  10. Providing Cleaning and Facilitation Services
  11. Consultants For Energy Efficient Homes/Office
  12. Moving & Packing Business or Moving Company
  13. Content Writing
  14. Telephone Marketing/Salesmen
  15. Organizer
  16. Virtual Assistant
  17. Brand Ambassador
  18. Language Translator
  19. Social Media Consultant
  20. Health Consultant.

Starting a business is easy but growing it is where the works lyes. So make sure you choose a business you like or passionate about. That way you’ll get going when the going get tough.

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