Startups fail all the time — and it is important to understand why. As mentioned above, the top reason startups fail is simply the lack of market need. Tackling problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market need is the most common issue startups cite for their downfall. The next most common reason for startup failure, as likely predicted, is money. Smart or not, money does need to flow into any startup to make it possible. Meanwhile, the third most common reason for startup collapse was team composition. More to the point: Startups need to comprise a diverse team with different skill sets.

These top three reasons for startup failure could be solved with the right management approach from the top down. Each of these reasons can be addressed with smart money. The right business and management structure will allow the right hires to be made and course to be charted. Smart investors can identify the right people for your team and help you to hire staff who will take the business to the next level.