Below is a list of top 5 countries with high keen interest on bitcoin. Number 1 on the list will surely shock you.

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1. Nigeria

There was no doubt Nigeria is the first region on the list where Bitcoin is in high demand. It is unclear if this is due to positive reasons, though. The MMM Global Ponzi scheme only accepts bitcoin deposits in Nigeria to avoid scrutiny by the government. This fact will drive up demand for Bitcoin, even if it is for the wrong reasons altogether. Then again, the popularity of Bitcoin in Nigeria can be turned into something positive moving forward.

2. Ghana

No one is surprised to see Ghana in the list of countries where Bitcoin demand is surging. Not only is the financial situation rather dire in that part of the world, but service like Bitpesa have also successfully gained market share in Ghana. This means Bitcoin is “advertised” prominently in the country, and a lot of people are aware of what this cryptocurrency can do for them.

Ghana does not have an individual LocalBitcoins chart either, although it is safe to say Bitcoin is quite prominent in the region. It will be interesting to see if this is the situation will change in the coming years. More countries are trying to introduce some form of Bitcoin legislation, which helps “validate” the cryptocurrency in the eyes of the general population.

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3. Estonia

Another Eastern European country looking into Bitcoin is none other than Estonia. The country has been somewhat keen on embracing blockchain technology as of late, which could explain the increased demand for Bitcoin as well. It is evident the Bitcoin trading volume on LocalBitcoins across all of Europe has increased over the past few weeks. It is difficult to tell how much of this volume comes from Estonia, but it is a positive development regardless.

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