Cryptocurrency Exchanges are changing the way we trade the financial market. For the very first time we can now trade digital and tokenized assets, and withdraw them into our personal wallet.

In addition, all transactions on crypto exchanges are instantaneous, meaning no unnecessary delays in payment, withdrawal etc.

The market is even available for trading 247, as you might have heard “Crypto never sleeps”.

I must confess that crypto trading is profitable, and it can complement whatever business or job you’re doing. However, choosing the write crypto exchange is a determinant of the amount of profit you can make.

How Do You Choose a Crypto Exchange?

Choosing your favorite crypto exchange can be very tricky because most crypto exchanges have very similar features.

Nevertheless, experts believe that Volume, Customer Support, Reputation, Security and Transaction fees should be well considered before choosing a particular exchange.

The volume helps ensure that the crypto exchange has enough liquidity. Customer support, reputation and security help ensure that the exchange can be trusted, while transaction fees is a determinant of your profit.

The higher the transaction fees the lower the profit potential, and the lower the transaction fees the higher the profit potential.

Below is a list of 5 trusted Crypto Exchange which you can register and start trading for huge profit immediately:

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

1. is a U.S.-based crypto exchange which is designed for customers who demand lightning-fast trade execution. Bittrex charges a very low transaction fee of 0.25%, and they have numerous coins to trade.

2. is a global crypto exchange that offers Bitcoin to Naira trading pairs. I strongly recommend Nigerians to start trading on LUNO. However, they charge an average taker fee of 1.00%, which is quite expensive when compared with other crypto exchanges.

3. is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of volume. It’s also renown for its low transaction fee and numerous cryptocurrencies to be traded. I strongly recommend Binance to every newbie crypto trader.

4. claims to be Bitcoin’s most advanced trading platform because it offers margin trading and a leverage of up to 100x of your trading capital. However, using leverage is like using a two-edged sword. The same way you can make 100x your capital, you can as well loose 100x your capital.

5. is not actually an exchange, it’s an interface which allows you to trade on multiple crypto exchanges through Application User Interface(API’s). This my favorites because trading on Coinigy allows me to trade on over 25 other crypto exchanges(like Bittrex and Binance) at the same time.

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I believe this the best list of Crypto exchanges for newbie crypto traders. If you have any additions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to put it down in the comment box below.

I look forward to having your feedback.