The video above explains how to navigate and use, a popular social media platform for Traders, Investors and Technical Analyst.

Below are the basic sections and features of Tradingview discussed in the video:

  1. The Chart: This section displays the chart, which is a graphical representation of what’s happening in any particular market. It’s usually plotted with Price on the vertical axis(y) against Time on the horizontal axis(y). The most popular type of charts is the Candlestick chart, Bar chart, Line chart, Volume Chart etc.
  2. Tools Section: In this section, you have various tools to edit and design the charts. Note that the type of editing and design you make all depends on your personal preference.
  3. Main Menu: This section contains Menu Items that you can use to transform the chart. This includes the currency pairs display on the chart, indicators, and strategies, and various tools and templates.
  4. Watch List: This more or less similar to a music playlist. It consists of your favorites trading pairs which you want to always keep an eye on.
  5. Pair/Quote Details: This area contains more technical details about the trading pair you’re currently analyzing in the chart. You get to know whether it’s in a buy zone or sell zone.
  6. Headline/News: This section shows the breaking news about the trading pair or market.
  7. Shortcuts: This section is where you see your published ideas, traders you subscribed to and many other features.

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