This video tutorial explains 8 major fact every beginner crypto trader must know about trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market.

I’m fully aware that majority of beginner crypto trader just find their way into the crypto market by virtue of the price of Bitcoin pumping to $20,000 in early January. However, it takes more than price increase/a bull market to be a successful trader or investor.

You need to first survive then thrive in the market. And I believe if you had survived the bear crypto market that started early this year, this 8 fact will help you start thriving in the market.

8 Facts Every Beginner Trader Must Know About Crypto Trading

  1.  Market
  2. Types of Market
  3. Exchange
  4. Market Cycle
  5. Trade Pairs
  6. Chart
  7. Direction
  8. Whales & Ordinary Participant

Endeavor to watch the video and share your thought in the comment box below.

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