We all know who Robert Kiyosaki is:

He is the author of the incredibly popular book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The release of that book started a massive awareness about financial education and in the process making him a household name.

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Anyone who has read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book knows that Robert Kiyosaki firmly believes that every person needs to be strongly educated as far as financial education is concerned.

He believes that understanding how money works is one of the most important skills that one could ever learn. His explanation of these concepts in his Rich Dad book opened up the eyes of millions of people.

Robert Kiyosaki And The Network Marketing (MLM) Industry

One of the fundamental concepts behind Robert’s teaching: One must learn how to make money work for them instead of the other way round.

This can only be done by understanding how money truly works. Its not about working hard all day long. Its all about leverage.


Its all about creating something that would produce you income irrespective of the fact whether you are there or not.


One of his famous quotes:


The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work


There are different ways to do that but Robert Kiyosaki feels that one of the best method would be through a network marketing (MLM) business.


He has even gone on to say that if he were to start all over again, he would build network marketing business.


So Can Network Marketing Really Change One’s Life


Robert Kiyosaki recently released a book (Business School – For People Who Like Helping People) where he specifically talks about how one can tremendously gain from being a part of the network marketing industry.


So what’s it that makes a network marketing (or multi level marketing) absolutely lucrative?


Though this industry is considered to be a scam by many due to the activity of many fraudulent companies, it actually is not.


Network marketing is an industry with a truly unique concept that allows every individual an equal opportunity for success.

Here’s some of the reasons why its so powerful:

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1. Low cost of entry – Every person may not be able to start a traditional business but that’s not the case with a network marketing industry. Any person who has a desire to grow can build a network marketing business.


2. Life Transforming Education – Robert Kiyosaki feels that the knowledge one gains by being a part of this industry is nothing short of life transforming. Its not just about investing some money and building a business, its about eliminating personal fears, learning proper skills and working with different kinds of people to build a thriving organization. No wonder, this industry produces millionaires on a consistent basis.

3. Leverage And Residual Income – The multi level marketing industry offers an individual the opportunity to create a walk away residual income. Leverage is one of the key aspects of this business. The idea is to build a stable network which grows irrespective of whether you are there or not.

4. Flexibility – One can start this business in a part time fashion and get involved full time when the right time comes in.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Of The Network Marketing Industry

Not really. When people constantly read about some network marketing company or the other getting closed down on a regular basis, they think that the whole industry is like this.


Actually its not. There are a lot of legitimate network marketing business opportunities out there which have stood the test of time and are going strong.


Choosing a good network marketing company is very crucial but that is a discussion for some other day.


So yes, this is a great industry but there is something that people don’t seem to realize.


To build a successful business, you need skills. It does not matter if the entry point is $1 or $1 million, the rule remains the same.


Robert Kiyosaki is a big believer of mastering skills. He says:


Don’t do anything for the money you will make, but for the skills you will learn.


Unfortunately majority do not grasp this point. They think that they need a great vehicle for success. The problem is that vehicle is just a part. The other part is learning how to use that vehicle.


Its actually a simple logic. We need certain skills to hold a job. Likewise we need certain skills to build a business. Without skills the whole purpose is defeated.


So yes, network marketing (MLM) is a very good industry but like everything else you need proper skills to succeed in it.

Learn the necessary skills and you will be amazed by your results.

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