What Is Luck?

To answer this question, you have to define luck. The classical definition is blind chance, a total accident that happens to you for no reason.

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Some belief that luck comes from God. Others have more new beliefs that luck is a matter of positive thinking.

The saying what goes around comes around, reflect this.

Gambling is the purest case where luck can be observed, it is exciting to win occasionally, but the laws of probability says that, in the long term, the house will win and you all loose. Even if heads come up ten times in a row, blind chance is still determining the outcome of each toss.

Some people win at gambling. But do you know anyone who obtained money that way, who used used it as the basis for a fortune?

Research shows that, not only do such winners not build fortunes, but within a few years most lottery winners, and even people who inherit money, end up back were they started, Money obtained without effort seldom changes life.

I like to define luck as preparation meeting opportunity. The things you do to prepare yourself and to go looking for opportunities will bring you more luck.

Through the years many people have commented about the relationship between hard work and luck. People who are consistently lucky in business seems to be the ones who work the hardest, both in preparation and in looking for opportunities.

To those who are into sport betting, I will say, the highest amount of wasted time, is playing sport bet everyday. You can’t build a fortune with such money, so why concentrate such daily effort into such frugality, instead devote such time into learning new things.

Even though you win bet slip, 10 times in a row, you are still at a loss, cause the law of probability is against you. The house( nairabet, surebet, Merrybet etc) will always win in the long term.

Due to the situation in the country, many people want to make money, am not saying don’t play bet games, but don’t devote much time and money in it, it’s fruitless, no matter what, the house will always win.

I myself play once or twice every weekend, but since I read this law of probability, I hardly play more than twice or once a month, simply because I don’t depend on bet slip.

Finally, my sister TAIWO LAWAL, who is an undergraduate of law, once told me that, all these betting website operate under a type of legal system, that, if you win to much, and they decide not to give you any amount or pay in full, you can’t sue them, or collect any  money from them.

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My advice to bettors, stop deceiving yourself playing everyday, thinking you would win in the long run. Even though you win, such money rearly changes life.

It’s a great waste of time to depend on bet, it’s not something that increases in value or something you can build a fortune on.

Yours in business,