Yes, I have finally stopped trading the Futures market on Binance and any other trading platforms out there. I know you’re shocked but this mainly as a result of my evaluation from HODLING and TRADING cryptocurrency.

Another major reason why I’m stoping futures trading is that it’s stressful and also time and energy-consuming. If you’re running a big business or a full-time employee in a company then you should really reconsider if the futures market is the right market for you to trade. At it’s worst, trading with high leverage can cause emotional and mood swings in you while going through your daily work activities.

Furthermore, I’m no longer chasing fast gains in crypto. I’m now switching my mindset into a long-term perspective. I see cryptocurrency becoming something very very great in 10 to 20 years’ time. So for now, no more futures trading. I’ve got to let time play to my advantage.

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