Buying and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is good, but if that’s all you do, you will lose in the long run.

My experience from chatting with a lot of Nigerians who buy and sell Bitcoin is that, they always believe they know everything about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

But the fact is that anybody can buy Bitcoin. It’s very easy.

In fact, you can’t just make some big gains from selling Crypto, which anybody can do, and think you can take on the professional investor.

It takes more time, effort and knowledge than buying and selling Bitcoin to be a professional investor.

Buying and selling crypto is just like trading forex. In the long run the house/broker will always win.

Just as Robert Kiyosaki (the renown author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) use to say,

Why buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds when you can also create your own.

Or don’t you know you can also create your own cryptocurrency.

To cut the long story short, what you do in the Blockchain and crypto space will actually determine whether you will win big in the future.

How to Better Position yourself in the Cryptocurrency Space

Everyone can buy and sell a Bitcoin but not everyone;

  1. can blog/vlog about Bitcoin.
  2. can build a cryptocurrency startup.
  3. can do cryptocurrency advocacy.
  4. can build smart contracts.
  5. can be a professional blockchain developer.
  6. can successful launch an ICO.

So why not look for ways to distinguish yourself. What if you can use the money you make from Bitcoin to become certified and take yourself to the level of an accredited investor.

What if you launch your own blockchain for solving a particular problem in your local community.

What if you sensitize the government and big firms about the use of Blockchain in their establishment.

You see, in the long run, what’s important is how you position yourself in the industry and not just the Bitcoin you bought, sell or keep. Everybody can do that.

Kindly build the necessary skill set that will position you well in the long run.

God Bless!!!