It’s okay to chase opportunities, but it’s better to be building businesses.


One good news is that opportunities will always come, strike and make good use of them when they do surface, but never completely live or guarantee your life on opportunities to come. Because along the way, you will surely meet sugar coated opportunities that may endup costing you all you’ve got (i.e. eat away your cash reserves).

Why it’s advisable to build or invest in businesses over time and guarantee your future.

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Building business simply means starting a business or buying a businesses, then building it over time to sustainability. It can also mean investing in a business with a motive of making sustainable profit  over time (in the long run). The major benefit are;

  • You learn and grow over time. You take actions, make mistakes and commit to constant learning. (Don’t forget, the greatest asset you can invest in, is yourself)
  • When you build businesses, you get something to rely on when the road goes tough. Did i hear someone just say “you can also rely on opportunities”. My reply would be, build your own business and create your own opportunities.


A Nigerian Scenario:  When Mavrodi Mondiel Movement (MMM) crashed in late December 2016, it left some few Nigerians counting profit  and more Nigerians counting losses. Within weeks everybody was able to ascertain their personal profit or loss and most people ventured into other get rich quick scheme simply because they were chasing opportunities.

People who lost money wanted to recover and people who made alot of cash from MMM still wanted to make more. To be precise, they all swept over to Get Help Worldwide (GHW, another donation website), but eventually, GHW crashed and even left majority of this people in total chaos.

I actually learn my own lesson here, but some people never did,  guess what happened to them (continue reading)

Since those individuals  didn’t learn anything other than chasing opportunities/get rich quick scheme, they came back with another school of taught; as a Ponzipreneur,

“You should join Ponzi early and leave early.
The invest only ones mentality”

It’s so appalling that  this-same people still went ahead and lost outrageous amount on Claritta, Payfund, MAC etc.

A number of them gave me calls after coming across my website, telling me how much they had lost, how broke they are to start a new business and whether i have any offer to help their lives.

My answer has always been:
  1. To be rich you need to create a Millionaires Mindset and Ponzi (including any get rich quick scheme) wont help you in creating a millionaires mindset.
  2. You have to learn more to earn more; i always tell them to be focused on what they will learn instead of what they will earn. They should start something they love to do on a long term basis immediately, then learn and grow over time.
  3. I also tell them to commit to kaizen (constant and never ending improvement in anything they do)
  4. You need a leverage; if you need money today, it’s what you’ve done in past weeks or months that determines how much money you have. So if you need money so badly in 2 months time, it’s what you’re doing now that dictates how much you will get in 2 months time.
  5. Finally i tell them “what they know now is not as important as what they still need to know, therefore, they should  keep updating there knowledge base on a daily basis.

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If you’re looking for opportunity here and there, the good news is that you will always see, the bad news is that some opportunity are made to look real and you end up loosing more money.

Moreover, only looking for opportunity makes you lazy, you think you’re smart cause you make those big money but you’re not smart.

I didn’t want to share this, but as a matter of fact I made upto a million Naira during MMM and I lost over a million Naira chasing other schemes after MMM. Why? Because I simply was chasing good looking opportunities instead of building a businesses.

I realized my mistakes, disassociated myself from anything ponzi and i started focusing on real business models. I know some people will start saying “so am a Ponzipreneur”, year i participated in Ponzi as i was always committed to learning new things. However, it was fun learning “whatsup” with ponzi but i actually learn the hard way, having lost more than what i invested in Ponzi.

Those opportunities of making big money do come, but not regularly. You will must likely meet opportunities that will strip you naked of all your hard earned cash.

So please and please, use that little money you got to start building or investing in real business models, before sugar coated opportunities take it away from you.


Here are some simple differences between businesses and opportunities.

  1. Business is long term while opportunity is shot term (opportunities go and come)
  2. While a single business you build overtime can sustain you for a lifetime, a single opportunity rarely can sustain you for a life time.
  3. It’s easy to know business models but opportunity models can be difficult to spot (we have so many sugar coated opportunities)
  4. When you build business you also build yourself, when you chase opportunities you become lazy and don’t bother about developing yourself.

In a nutshell, I believe we should be smarter people now. Let’s face real business model and strike opportunities when they surface.

PS: Those who want to WORK will build businesses and strike opportunity when they surface, while the LAZY ONES will keep chasing opportunities. (they forget the fact that, when you build yourself or your business up, you will surely see opportunities every where you go)

Always at your financial freedom,

Lawal Kehinde
CEO ColossalNet Technology LTD