Transparency is among the core values of most successful businesses. Its benefit far out weights its disadvantage. In fact, you shouldn’t be in business if you hate transparency. Only scammers do so.

Billionaire Hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio, even proclaims “Radical Transparency” as the bedrock of his management principle.

Being transparent is not a weakness but actually strength at the core level. Sharing ideas and information will allow companies to get a new perspective, new opinions and better insight.

Problems will be solved faster and more efficiently if you learn to be open and honest.

Below is a list of suggestions to improve innovation and trust in your organization.

  1. Invest in your people first and ongoing for maximum development
  2. Make sure your current policies and procedures are truthful and establish trust
  3. Give up full control and leverage strategically people’s strengths as a team. Empower coming from trust and manage together as a team.
  4. Share information upfront and always be honest with every situation no matter how bad it may be. Be proactive and not reactive.

These reasons provided will not only benefit you personally but everyone in your organization. Being transparent does not cost much to implement within your organizations. You will see major improvements in your business when you are open, honest, and communicate effectively with your team. A team effort always prevails in the long run. Establish an open environment by keeping your people in the loop and work together as one to come up with solutions rather than manage the problem. Your business is ready to reach the next level when transparency is part of the process every step of the way.

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