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In this post I want to share my opinion about failure. Most people think failing means you’re a bad person, which is so wrong and far from the truth.

I’m not a motivational speaker but I must tell you that you should be happy that you’re failing because it’s a sign that you’ll succeed.

Failure shows that you’re trying new things, and the most important thing when you fail is that you learn from it. Those that don’t fail never learn anything in life.

Failure and success are both sides of the same coin…. Anonymous

Once again I repeat, failure doesn’t mean you’re a looser. It’s only part of the process to success.

All you need is to keep going inrespective of any failures or obstacles, and enventually, you’ll succeed.

Note: If you had never failed in anything, then you’ll find success hard to attain.

How I handle Setbacks in Life

Setbacks will surely come, and when they come, what’s important is what you say to yourself and how you handle them.

Always handle setbacks with positivity and optimism. Tell yourself you will get over it. Tell yourself I can think of another workable solution, and before you know it, you’ve overcome what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.

Another way to handle setbacks or failure in life is through “Spirituality“. It simply means you understand that in life there’s up and down; head and tail; positive and negative; right and wrong etc.

If you truly understand spirituality, you will understand that you cannot always be up, right and positive. Never! Sometimes you will be down and negative and this because nothing is constant.

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With spirituality, when things are down, you should be happy because things will soon go up. And when things are negative/wrong, you should be happy because things would soon change to right/positive.

Why you should not quit

If Thomas Edison could fail 1014 times and not quit before he designed a working light bulb, you also should not quit. You should never, never, stop trying till you achieve want you aim to achieve.

Trow yourself out there and get things done. Life is only meaningful when we keep trying, failing, learning and succeeding.

Don’t be Like most people who tries to remove failure from the equation to success. It’s what makes success worth it.

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