First of all, i need to make it clear, to be rich and successful you need to create a millionaire mindset.

So whats a “Millionaire Mindset?


  1. Learn more to earn more.
  2. Network yourself with the right people.
  3. Don’t work for money, the money will always run faster, work to learn.
  4. Don’t work for the fame, always focus on providing value, reward will always come.
  5. Work on your speed of implementation, take action even though the outcome looks uncertain.
  6. You can lose whatever you have, your fat bank account, families, business etc. within the blink of an hour. But what you will never  lose is your masterminding, what you have gained in the process of getting rich, and with that you can always come back, even better.
  7. To be rich and successful you have to always acknowledge the truth.



I actually learn that nobody cares about your talents until you’re able to start attracting figures, i.e making sales, having reoccurring customers etc.

Talents alone won’t speak for you any longer, as we have many talented individuals out there. In addition to your talents, one great factor that differentiates you is “motivation”.

Unsuccessful people  are being motivated to work harder every day by money. if theirs no money, they wont work. They also wait till they are instructed before they start to do any work.

To be successful in life you need to get up and start work, whether you have money or you’re dam broke. You must get up on your desk without waiting to be instructed by your boss or your co-worker.

The people who wait to be instructed before they start work, are like people who wait outside on street where no buses pass, they may end up waiting through out their entire life, until they realize that they need to be their own forcing system.

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“If you don’t push yourself to work harder, nobody will”…… Kehinde Lawal

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” — Thomas Henry Huxley



KAIZEN is the ancient Japanese word for continuous daily improvement. It simply means to commit to constant and never-ending improvement in anything you do.

The highly wealthy and successful in our society never under-estimate the power of learning new skills and updating themselves everyday on new information in their field of business and profession. They take time to update themselves about what is going on.

Now that you’re aware that “The rich becomes richer because they follow trends and update themselves regularly”, don’t exempt yourself. Commit to constant and never-ending improvement in anything you do; learn new skills, start building your knowledge base, increase the services you can offer, learn something daily.

Before you know it, you become what you expect. You become an expert, a professional, a sort after guru etc.



This just the simple truth, “You need a leverage to make money”.

Ask yourself this question, what can i offer? Start leveraging your time, effort and knowledge today, for a future income.

You can become a millionaire overnight, but it’s only those who have leverage their money, time and knowledge in the past days.

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You also need to have a master piece investment that would always serve as a financial back up for your new investment options.

When you try a business and you’re successful in the business, you don’t just neglect the business and jump into other businesses. You need to still efficiently operate the old business while you nurture your new business venture.

As a matter of fact, you will use the old business to fund and sponsor the new business financially when the roads go rough. when the business eventually gets stable and could now stand on its own, you can then decide to work basically on the income you generate from it.

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Many people make the mistake of concentrating only on their new business, thereby letting the old business to suffer and die out. This not a good idea, you must learn to run your old business effectively, till your new business become stable.


When you approach a celebrity or a successful man,  it’s okay to take pictures with them but don’t ever ask for help or money at first sight.

Always tell them what you can offer them, how they can benefit from your skill, bring a gift, it might be a book or an artwork you make for them.

What this simply means is that, you don’t only care about yourself, you also care about their personality. That alone will earn you their attention and you will get whatever you want in the long run.

When you give yourself out, without expecting return from the people you help directly, you begin to receive blessings from unknown sources.

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Always at your Financial Success,

Best regard,
Kehinde Lawal,
CEO ColossalNet Technology LTD