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How to Deposit & Withdraw Across BEP20, ERC20, TRC20

In this video, I explained how you can make deposits and withdrawals on Binance using blockchain networks like ERC20, BEP20, TRC20, OMNI, etc. The major reason why people transfer crypto-assets across other chains or blockchain networks is to make use of cheaper transaction fees on some other blockchain i.e The Binance Smart Chain(BSC). This...

Lawal Kazeem

Happy Birthday to My Late Dad: Engr Kazeem Lawal

So today (23rd March, 2020) is my late Dad's Birthday (Engr. Kazeem Lawal Oludare), and after wishing him an happy birthday on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to also post it here on my blog ( because I will forever miss him.Here is my twitter post incase, you'd like to see it. Today's my...


The Current State of the Cryptocurrency Market + What I’m doing

Good morning and happy productive new week guys. Below are some of my thoughts about the current state of the cryptocurrency market and what I'm doing presently. First thing we must know is that we have had over 5 months of upward trend in the cryptocurrency market, and if you had invested earlier, you should lockin...


What I Learnt From my Dad’s Death? Health is Wealth

It came so sudden because I never expected it, but it's fine. It's well. Those are my final thoughts.So I lost my Dad 5:17 am on Sunday morning, 14th March, 2021, just 9 days to his birthday(23/03/2021). So so sad but I know God knows best and I just have to accept faith and...

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Successful Cryptocurrency

9 Tips To Become A Successful Cryptocurrency Trader

Trading cryptocurrency or any derivatives is a probabilistic activity that can make you rich or poor quickly. Nothing is guaranteed. In the business, you will get punished(lose money) for everything; whether you're making good decisions, being disciplined, being profitable, being confident, or not. You will still get punished. Losing money is part of the business. And...

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Kehinde Lawal

Founder @9jaCashFlow | I'm a Digital Entrepreneur passionate about Trading, Investing, and Online Business.



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