Making Money Online In Nigeria


Contacts of African investors you can raise money from

Hello dear 9jacashflow fans, If you have a Technology, Agriculture or Education business or you know someone who does, the below document could be...
Chipper Cash App

Chipper Cash Review: African Instant Cross-Border Payment

In this video, I reviewed the Chipper Cash platform, an instant cross-border payment solution in Africa. They currently serve 7 African countries(Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda,...
Become a millionaire

10 Things You Must Know To Become A Millionaire

Many dreams to become millionaires or better still billionaires. I mean, there is this joy that comes with being financially free. We get to...
Nigerian Stock Exchange on

How to Buy & Sell Nigerian Stocks Instantly using

The above video explains in detail how you can buy Nigerian stocks and bonds instantly on a FinTech platform called
Pitch Deck

Need Investors: See The Perfect Pitch Deck

The Perfect Pitch Deck Did you know the pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs put together when seeking a round of financing from investors?...
highy successful business owners

5 Things Things Highly Successful Business Owners Do In Their Business

If you studied the highly successful business owners in your region, you would realize that they all have certain characteristics, skills, traits, actions, call...
Make Money Online In Nigeria

9 Sure Ways to Make Money in Nigeria in 2020

This pandemic has changed the course of work and business in 2020. And many people now need to look for ways to make money...
take buying risk away

This One Trick Will Help You Gain More Paying Customers In Your Business

Disclaimer: Everything in this post will only work for you if you are offering quality products or services in your business if you are...
Bitcoin Banner

How Do We Know The Bitcoin Price Will Increase Over Time

Every single week in our WhatsApp group, I do get funny questions about Bitcoin. Just like the one below👇. Questions like this are exactly what...
Binance 3rd Year Anniversary

You’re Invited: Binance “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference

On July 14, 2020, Binance will be celebrating its third year anniversary with a virtual conference featuring 80+ speakers, 5+ major keynotes, and 30+...
Personality Type

What’s Your Personality Type? Find Out If You’re An Advocate

I just did my personality test and the result came out that I'm an "advocate!". Quite interesting! Below is the full test result: If you'd like...
Bitcoin or Forex

Forex vs. Cryptocurrency Trading, Explained

This article explains in detail the major differences between Forex and cryptocurrency trading.
Forbes Nigeria Summit

Forbes Nigeria Summit Will Feature Top Companies from the 1st Digital Accelerator Program for...

Forbes announced Nigeria’s First Digital Startup Accelerator program powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem early this year and within 2 weeks received over...