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making money in nigeria online & offline.


To provide detailed, genuine and precise information about making money in Nigeria and the whole world at large.

To be the most influential business portal in Nigeria.
9jacashflow.com is owned by LAWAL KEHINDE DAMILARE popularly known as Lalkay96, I’m a 400 level quantity surveying student of FUTA, who is into web designing and online businesses. I’m a contractor by profession, but I love the business and technological world. So I will be using this website to broadcast my experience as a Net/Tech business man. I pray the information provided on this websites benefits our humble readers a lot, SEE YOU ALL AT THE TOP.

Favorite Business Quote: “Got Your Profession and Mind Your Business”……………. Robert T kiyosaki

This project (www.9jacashflow.com) was started due to the high increase in the degree of poverty in are obese enriched society, although our Country Nigeria as mineral resources, money, information, competent leaders and effective workers in abundance, we still find it difficult to improve economically or financially. Even though this will affect you, in one way or the other, don’t let it stop you from  living above average.  most people find it difficulty to make money frequently, because of there mentality, behavior, and ignorance. they keep on complaining and  giving all sort of excuses why they still remain poor. no matter what happens or the general condition of the country, the past is the past, there is no point complaining about what is already gone, or what you can do something about. Why not take actions to change the circumstances around you.


  1. Firstly tell yourself you are RICH.
  2. Secondly forget about your past circumstances or the current condition of the country
  3. Always devote your self to constant learning
  4. Concentrate on one business or  trade at a time
  5. Try as much as possible to get course materials inform of eBook, video or audio on any business you’re doing.
  6. When you want to purchase a relevant course material, never look at the cost or monetary value, cause money is not the Naira note or paper you see, its an idea, always look at the value of the Knowledge you will gain from the material
  7.   Don’t forget people will say NO when transacting business, when they say NO you say next “keep moving”
  8. Never give up
  9. Checkout for the changes in your financial status
  10. When you see any positive result don’t let it overwhelmed you “try harder”
  11. Success is yours

NOTE: we will try our possible best, so as to provide useful and applicable information for free, but if you are asked to pay any fee or cost in getting a material(eBook, video, audio), don’t hesitate cause this is to collaborate our effort in the continual getting of genuine content and to compensate the owner of the copyright or author.

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