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9jacashflow is all about teaching Nigerians how to make money online, manage money, and grow money… It's how we document our journey to Financial Freedom.

Our Vision is to help one million Nigerians achieve financial freedom online
Phone: +234 810 185 0909  Email: admin@9jacashflow.com

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  1. Business Education
    We educate Nigerians on how to successfully start various businesses i.e. Online Business, Freelancing, Forex, Stocks, Crypto trading, Real estate, Blockchain etc.
  2. Financial Education
    We enlighten people on how to manage their finances well, start investing and generating passive income online.
  3. Financial Inclusion
    We make Nigerians aware off the various financial services at their disposal. We go into the community and discuss financial terms like Savings, Loans, Budgeting, Insurance, Tax, Entrepreneurship in a simple  and entertaining way.
  4. Investing
    We’re passionate tech enthusiasts and professional investors who work for passive income. We trade, invest and train people on Cryptocurrency/Financial Market. We also invest in local retail and own several businesses that generate passive income for us.

CoinOYO.com – Founded in 2017, it’s a platform transforming Nigerians through Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Filta.NG – Founded in 2017, it’s a business directory with collection of trusted service providers in Nigeria. Filta also provides Digital Marketing Expertise.

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Are you a Content Creator, Business Mogul, Social Media Influencer etc interested in educating Nigerians on how to generate passive income and increase their cash flow online, kindly reach out to us through email: admin@9jacashflow.com.

Are you an investor that wants to invest in our operations? or a financial inclusion brand that want to support our vision of helping Nigerians generate passive income and increase their cashflow online? Kindly reach out to us through email: admin@9jacashflow.com.