11 Platforms To Carry Out Your Crypto Research

We know there are tonnes of information out there on crypto, and the question that often pops up in our minds is which of these information sources can we trust, and which of them provides the correct information?

Here are 11 Platforms you can carry out your crypto research:

1. Binance Academy: this platform provides detailed and comprehensive article for those interested in learning about blockchain, cryptocurrency, security, technology, or following along with tutorials. I highly recommend Binance academy because it’s has a very simple user interface and the content is newbie friendly.

2. Binance Research: on this platform you get institutional-grade analysis, in-depth insights, and unbiased information to all participants in the digital asset industry. The platform get referenced by popular media platforms like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Fortune.

3. Coinmarketcap.com: this a cryptocurrency data aggregator platform. You get cryptocurrency prices, charts, and market capitalization, blog, learn and earn section, etc.

4. Cointelegraph.com: this your number 1 go to platform for recent news about the crypto industry. You get latest news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency prices, and more. They also do interviews, seminars, etc.

5. Twitter.com: This a social media platform for microblogging. You can join conversations, follow accounts of influencers and catch trends. Also, you can join Twitter spaces and have broad discussions in various topics.

6. Private blogs: here thought leaders dive deep into blockchain technology, web 3, DeFi, Dapps even crypto investing for individuals and venture capitalist. Popular once are:

  • Vitalik.ca: simple blog by VitaliK Buterin on Blockchain, POW, POS, Ethereum
  • Unenumerated.blogspot.com: where Nick Zabo(founder of the smart contract) share ideas on varieties of topic, money, crypto, blockchain, economics
  • Haseebq.com or medium.com/@hosseeb : Where haseeb Qureshi, a software engineer, crypto investor, and venture capitalist at Drangonfly capital share his ideas on DeFI, Web 3 etc

7. Podcast: If you’re the type that likes audio content. We have The Pomp Podcast, The Bad Crypto Podcast. This are 2 of the best podcast on crypto available on Google Podcast, Apple and Spotify.

8. Cryptotvplus: A Nigerian crypto news & education platform. They cover local and international conferences & seminars.

9. Conferences and Seminars: You can attend local and international conferences where you can meet like minds and build connections. With this, you may be likely to get insider information or the next big thing.

10. Whatsapp/Telegram & Discord communities of your Crypto projects: Here you get up to date information from experts and project team members. You can even ask direct questions and get responses from the team members. Binance has a community etc.

11. Blockchain Explorers: Here you can carry out onchain research on any blockchain network of your choice. While we have individual block explorers like Etherscan.io, we also have all in one block explorer like Blockchair.com.

I hope you have been able to gain some insights from this article. Feel free to ask questions below. 👇

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