9jacashflow High-Performance Nuggets in 2022

Happy New Year Guys!

Welcome to a great new year of abundant blessings and accomplishments.

I was going through my last year’s (2021) journal and I saw a couple of High-Performance Nuggets that I jotted down. They are quite inspiring and I have decided to share them with you.

Feel free to read through them, take the ones that you think align with your personality or aspiration and leave the rest.

So here they are👇:

  1. Have realistic goals and work on them until they are achieved. I once wrote over 200 goals and I’m happy I’ve started achieving some of them. I will suggest you also write 200+ goals that you want to achieve over the next 10 years and start working towards them. It’s quite tasking but you’ll benefit a lot from the exercise.
  2. Always start with a simple plan and stick to it. Whatever you do, make sure you create a basic plan before starting and follow it while making the important adjustments. Don’t just do things anyhow. Try to always follow an organized plan. 
  3. Write out your most important goals and affirmation daily. If you want to earn a certain amount of money monthly or achieve a particular goal, make sure you write it down in your journal or a note and carry it in your pocket daily.
  4. Use deadlines to your advantage. Be your own forcing system. What has time-bound, always gets accomplished.
  5. Review your goals and plans regularly. Don’t just set your goals and leave them to work out. Go over it regularly. What gets measured gets accomplished.
  6. Always work from a list. It’s very good to have a list for any task you’re doing because it guides you to achieving a quality result. Make sure you write down new tasks before working on them: add them to your list. Not working with a list is like driving a car without a steering wheel, you will end up reaching where you don’t want to reach.
  7. Plan your day the night before. This is very vital time management and productivity technique. Planning your day the night before makes you get to work faster the next day. Besides, your mind will work towards your task while you sleep providing innovative solutions to the work ahead.
  8. Jot insightful ideas during the day in your jotter. This simply means journalling. You need to be a student of the day. Write down important ideas and lessons that come to your mind. Don’t make each day go without gaining knowledge and experience from it. Put it down. 
  9. Focus on the few things you can do incredibly well and the few people you can impact. The truth is that you may not be able to do everything well and you may not be able to help or impact everyone. However, do the few things you can do very well. Help as many persons as you can help very well. Don’t just do it anyhow.
  10. Say no often and regularly. You have got to say no to time wasters or people recommending activities that are not aligned with your goals and aspirations. Never let people steal your time with unnecessary activities, you can’t get it back.
  11. Have patience in all you do. Don’t just jump at things, instead take simple steps. It takes time to build anything worthwhile. Let me come again “Things Take Time(TTT)”
  12. Always do what you say. When you do the little things that you said you were going to do. It adds up to something great. Your piggy bank becomes your biggy bank. The small investment adds up to something great.
  13. Don’t be the kind of person that focuses on pleasing others or making people happy. Do the right thing. Again, focus on doing the right thing.
  14. Always prepare and plan ahead. Proper prior planning prevents poor performance (6P’s).
  15. Plan your day, week, month, and the year ahead. Nobody get’s where they don’t know. Or let me put it in another dimension. You can’t get where you don’t know. So take your time to decide what you want to achieve during the day, week, months, and year ahead, and then start working towards it. You may not be able to achieve all you have set out but it will surprise you that you will exceed your greatest expectations. You will achieve what you never thought is possible.
  16. Always put aside and save 30% of all your income automatically. This is a rule that has helped me immensely. I put a lot of money aside and I find it useful for my future investment expenditure. I’m always surprised when I needed to do something that requires capital and the money I set aside is enough to take care of it. Set a lot of money aside in different accounts and asset classes. Do this and thank me later for it.
  17. Calculated risk + great idea = success. You cannot be successful without taking risks. However, you need to take a calculated risk on a great, realistic, or proven idea to become successful. 
  18. Always be punctual. Being punctual alone set’s you among the great 10% in the world. Show up punctually every day. You can use the Lombardi time(15 minutes earlier).
  19. Master some skills very well before moving to others. I use to do a lot of things on average until I realized that people will only exchange their hard-earned money for your service only if you can provide exceptional results. So get serious at mastering a skill and do it exceptionally well.
  20. Sleep, eat and refresh very well for optimum performance. Being a workaholic is good but not enough to get the job done. You need to also take breaks, eat well, sleep well, love well, go on vacation, etc.
  21. Read the right books; listen to the right people; and make the right relationship. This tip will make you successful in the long run.
  22. Never belittle yourself or lower your standard. Keep improving, getting better, raising your bar of achievement, and increasing your standard.
  23. Put yourself out there: don’t hide in the shadows. This is simply how you improve. Go out there to try things out, make mistakes and learn from them.
  24. Say the truth always even though it will be of great cost to you. Imagine saying the truth and it cost you 10 Billion nairas, to me that’s way cheap compare with the peace of mind that the truth will give you. 
  25. Every day, cut time wasters and distractors very early. Our time is so limited and we shouldn’t spend a day doing what we don’t want to do or the things that are not aligned with our goal.
  26. Focus on providing value to people around you. Plant trees on whose shadows you don’t plan to sit. Give without expectation.
  27. Don’t rush things. Take consistent baby steps with due diligence.
  28. Always think on paper. Jot important ideas down. Do not trust your memory. We have over 8000 thoughts during the day: you will easily forget what it’s important if you don’t put it down. So the rule is to put it down in writing if it’s important.
  29. There is beauty in simplicity. Everybody can make things hard but only geniuses and experts can make complex things simple. Sometimes, making things simple is harder than making them hard.
  30. Have simple guidelines for your trading and stick to them. This is for those of you that do trading and investing. Have rules that guide your trade or investment and abide by them.
  31. Always put in your best in whatever you do. Do your best always; that way you will know what works and what doesn’t.
  32. Have a mentor in everything that you do. You either borrow knowledge or pay for it. It’s important to stand on the shoulders of giants. That way you see far and wide.
  33. Attend seminars and workshops. These is places you will meet great minds. Go often and when necessary.
  34. Always share your ideas online and offline irrespective of what people will say. Don’t fail to share your thoughts because of what people will say. Speak your truce. Speak it briefly.
  35. Don’t be busy being busy, be productive. It’s not about the number of hours you work, it’s about what you put in those hours.
  36. Improve your communication skills especially following up. You can’t do without dealing with people if you want to be successful, so learn how to communicate effectively. Learn sales.
  37. Change your voice, your look, negative body language, smell, and identity. Change what needs to be changed for you to improve. To become a better person you’ve got to change.
  38. Always think positively in terms of surplus and things being achievable. Think big in a positive direction. There’s no point thinking small or in a negative direction. I know it’s not easy to be positive all time but most times try to.
  39. Don’t just drift through life, make sure you follow your plans. Your goals and plans are like a manual for your life. Create one and follow it. Don’t just wake up every day and walk through life aimlessly.
  40. Create a positive image for yourself. How you look will have a great or major effect on how far you go and how fast you will get there.
  41. Spend twice as much on your clothes and buy half as many. When it comes t your appearance, the quality is more important than the quantity.
  42. Develop a workaholic mentality: start earlier, work harder and stay later.
  43. Avoid distractions. You can say “well, I’ve got to get back to work” so people can leave you alone.
  44. Be orderly: Try to create a system for the work you do, and make sure you follow due processes.
  45. Ask for more responsibilities by volunteering. Yes, volunteer! I will suggest you work for free sometimes, that way you can get to encounter things that you’re passionate about. Things that you can keep doing even though you don’t earn any money at all.
  46. Promote yourself by taking every task as if it’s a test on which your future career depends on. Do things that will speak for you even though you’re not there. Let your work speak for you anywhere, any day.
  47. Get used to asking: ask ask ask. Ask people what you want and you may get it. Don’t ask and you never get it. The scripture says ask and it shall be given.
  48. Again, ask for what you want. Be specific, clear and don’t be afraid to ask.
  49. Don’t fear rejection, it’s a numbers game. Keep going and you will find someone among the 8 billion people on earth willing to give you what you want.
  50. SWSWSWSW: some will, some won’t, some why, so what. Some people will help you, others won’t, some will ask why and some will tell you so what should they do for you.Happy New Year Banner
  51. Focus on the things you are good at. Use the 80/20 rule – Pareto principle
  52. Discuss ideas and not people. Great people talk about ideas, ordinary people talk about people.
  53. Treat people well. Don’t fall into their hand or gossip about them. In fact, treat people better than they treat you, and if they don’t appreciate you treating them well, leave them alone.
  54. Be future and long-term oriented in everything you do. Great things take time and nothing good comes easy, so take time to develop the masterpiece in you.
  55. project yourself three years ahead. What type of person do you want to become? What type of skills do you want to have? Have it written down and carry it along.
  56. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Great things don’t always happen by chance, you’ve got to create it.
  57. Be future and goal-oriented. Don’t just look at what you will get now, instead work towards achieving and building great things over time.
  58. Again, you need to have mentors in each area of your life. Get the right person to lead you in their area of expertise. You either buy or borrow wisdom.
  59. Thank your mentors and send them feedback on monthly progress. You have to appreciate people that are taking their time to see you grow and become better. Also, give them updates about yourself and what is going on in your particular industry.
  60. Commit to excellence and don’t compromise on your values. Don’t sell out. If your work or business requires you to be honest, punctual or focused, do it always and never compromise on those values.
  61. To become people-oriented practice the golden rule. Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.
  62. Broaden your network by asking good questions and listening carefully. Meet new people and learn one, two, or more things from them.
  63. Travel any distance to learn. Don’t limit what you know to what’s within your reach. Go beyond your horizon to learn.
  64. If you have limited resources? focus it on one course. Don’t spread yourself thin by putting your small resources into many things which eventually fail. Put it in a few things and make sure it works.
  65. Introduce yourself to people and join local associations. You can’t become successful on your own so meet new people.
  66. Read 2 to 3 hours each day in your field. Continued learning is a substantial competitive advantage
  67. Learn and practice something new and efficient.
  68. Commit to constant and never-ending improvement. This is known as kaizen, a Japanese word meaning continuous and never-ending improvement.
  69. Have a business model and think about value and profit all the time. Without profit, you can’t survive. Also, you need a proven business model to keep making money.
  70. Develop a sense of urgency in everything you do. Do it now.
  71. Develop speed and dependability. Learn to do things fast and let people be able to depend or count on you to do your own part.
  72. Look the part of success. Dress or look like someone with a future like a professional
  73. The ability to set priorities will help you get the job done fast. Know what is most important and get it done ASAP.
  74. Develop a positive mental attitude. If you believe you can or you can’t you’re both right. So instead be right by believing you can or believing it’s possible.
  75. Never take anything for granted. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you do small things well, you will do big things well.
  76. 7 Keep a lot of money around you. Keep them on your desk, shelve, cabinet, journal, books, etc. It helps to attract wealth.
  77. Dress richer and wealthier. There is no second chance to give a good first impression.
  78. Don’t read about failure alone. Fail big, make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t be ashamed to get things wrong the first time, just get back up stronger, better, and smarter.
  79. Don’t talk much, instead, do more. No complaining. Just get the work done.
  80. Play games to improve your IQ and responsibility and brain growth.
  81. Be able to find opportunities. Finding opportunities will make you rich
  82. Opportunities are not seen with the eyes, they are seen with the mind. You see opportunities based on how you develop your mind with knowledge from books, other people, and your experience. An empty brain can’t spot opportunities. It can only see problems.
  83. Listen to your intuition and act fast when the emotion is hot. Don’t wait too long until a good idea strikes you. Act fast otherwise the opportunity is soon gone.
  84. Always re-evaluate and re-strategize. Things won’t always go as planned, so always review and adjust your plan to suit the current circumstances.
  85. Be confident always. Never panic because there’s a solution to every problem and situation.
  86. Measure and grade everything. What gets measured gets accomplished.
  87. Have a specific amount of money that you want to invest in something and separate it from your main account. Don’t mix your accounting up. Don’t jumble it. In fact, I suggest that you have times 3 of the required amount of money to start a project.
  88. Use other people’s talents, money, and time. You can’t succeed alone. You need people.
  89. Become a professional trader and investor via patience, simplicity, and compassion. This quote is from  Lao Tzu. It’s for those who want to learn to trade, invest, and do business. 
  90. If you are building a startup you have to be humble. Be humble.
  91. Do prior planning and pay attention to details. Small details matter.
  92. Stop downsizing yourself and the people around you. I have said this earlier.
  93. Always time your work and activities. You have to know what you’re spending your time on.
  94. Think big and dress great. Do this for yourself, please.
  95. Show up ready to amaze. Be prepared always.
  96. Always sell yourself. Identify who’s got your money. Sell your time, products, and services to them.
  97. Get a new experience each week. Go out of your comfort zone to do something new each week.
  98. Project yourself for greatness. Project your best self.
  99. idea + (hard work* time) + discipline = success. A simple formula for success.
  100. Connect with successful people. Write for websites for free. Future on TV shows, seminars, and conferences with successful and influential people.
  101.   You don’t necessarily need to set up a new business, instead, strike a deal with other businesses or partners. This will save you time and money.
  102. Package yourself and tell your stories uniquely. Look great and do things great.
  103. Be alive to your environment. Know about your environment. Reality is the best starting point.
  104. Mind your business or what is making you money. What you know people for might not be what is giving them the money they make. Mind your own business while you entertain people.
  105. Outline what you want before going into a personal or business relationship. Do this for every relationship.
  106. Shadow experts and mentors. Just reading books is not enough. Being with a mentor one on one and seeing them work and save you a lot of time, money and stress.
  107. Make souvenirs and mementos about your brand and give them to people. Do things that will make people remember your brand.
  108.   Work with more ladies. This is for those that only work with men.
  109.   Write top ten articles or content and feature influencers. This will help you know what the experts in your field are doing separately.
  110.   Use Google Trends, keywords.io, and Google keyword planner to search for trending ideas. Find what people are looking for and give it to them in form of a business.
  111. Sharpen your marketing and sales skills. We’re all marketing and selling through life so learn how to do it well. 
  112.  Value your time. Time is so precious and once gone cannot be gotten back so act otherwise. 
  113.  Don’t look at people when you want to do things. Don’t do things to impress men. Instead, do things to impact people. Always do the right thing a d what helps people. 
  114. Say “NO” often and regularly to things that are not aligned with your goals. Delegate ideas that can’t pay you your $15 per hour fee or what your hourly rate is. Get someone to do it and pay them well.
  115.  Be calm. Learn to be confident always. 
  116.  Don’t confuse movement with progress. Just because you’re working always or long hours doesn’t mean you’re getting things done. 
  117.  Learn to make decisions upfront. Be decisive. If you don’t get it right at first you get to learn from your own experience
  118.  Be decisive! The best decision is the right decision, and the second-best decision is the wrong decision. The worst decision is no decision at all. 
  119. Reaping is for the planters. You reap what you sow. You get what you plant. No plant no harvest. 
  120. Giving it’s the beginning of receiving. Giving starts the receiving process and not taking. 
  121. To become successful, serve so many people. Solve their problem and they will gladly pay you.
  122.  Starts small. Start when the amounts are little because that’s how you begin to qualify for many. Be on fire with just a few. Be your best with just a few because you never know who is in the crowd. Tell your story when there are just a few
  123. Believe you deserve it. Believe you deserve something good and work towards it. 
  124.  Services to many leads to greatness. Once again, don’t just solve your own problem: also help many people solve their problems as well. 
  125. Give or help people that deserve it. Don’t just help people because they need it. Help them because te deserves it, that is they have worked and proven themselves worthy of getting the help. That way they will appreciate it.
  126. For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better in 2022, you have to get better. I don’t think any miracle is coming other than you becoming a better, stronger, and wiser person.
  127. Be ready to work through the process without taking shortcuts. One funny thing I see about people in my country is that majority of them want a good result but they’re not ready to do the work or go through the process of achieving it. So they take shortcuts or look for magical ways to achieve it. However, the problem with the shortcut is that you get short results, and that of magical ways is that you get magical results for a while and then everything is gone. In addition, I have realized that when you become successful; it takes much more focus and hard work to keep that success. So if you can’t do the required work to get there, you will never be able to do times 2 of the same work which is required to sustain it. So if you take shortcuts or use magical/supernatural means, you will end up going back to square zero when you can’t put in the required effort needed to sustain your ill-gotten success or wealth.

So this is the end of my long, high-performance, and successful nuggets.

All the best guys! To another great year.

If you have any questions or contributions, kindly use the comments section below.

Thank you and God bless!

See you soon.


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