High Income Skills
Yesterday, we discussed ways to get ahead in Nigeria, and the number one option is to improve yourself by embracing technology, trends, and working with powerful and wealthy people. Today, we’ll explore high income skills, which enable you to improve yourself and earn more money.

Understanding Low Income Skills

Before diving into high income skills, let’s look at low income skills. These skills can’t help you get ahead financially and are often labor-intensive, requiring physical strength and less mental strength. Examples include:
  • Cashier
  • Labourers
  • Bricklayer or mason
  • Taxi driver
  • Office attendant
  • Most lower entry jobs
  • Receptionist
These skills have limitations:
  • They can’t be scaled, as they require exchanging time for money
  • They pay less, leaving little after expenses
  • They lack time and money leverage, meaning you don’t make more money if you work more or invest more resources
  • They don’t require unique experiences or intelligence, and anyone can do them with minimal training
  • They can leave you broke after 30 years of work
  • They don’t promote mental growth, making you easily replaceable

What are High Income Skills?

High income skills, on the other hand, are skills that can help you succeed in life. They require mental strength, creativity, and problem-solving. Examples include:
  • High-end Sales
  • Digital marketing
  • Trading
  • Web development
  • AI expert
  • Data analyst
  • Cloud computing
  • YouTube content creation and monetization
  • Affiliate marketing

Benefits of High Income Skills

High income skills offer:
  • Financial freedom
  • Time leverage, allowing you to earn more without working more hours
  • Money leverage, enabling you to earn more by investing resources
  • Mental growth and development
  • Unique experiences and a competitive edge
  • The ability to scale and grow your income

Recommended High Income Skills for Nigerians

If you have little money, resources, and experience, consider developing digital skills like:
  • Trading
  • Content creation
  • Online marketing
Focus on what you’re good at and explore opportunities in these areas.


High-income skills are essential for financial success. By understanding the limitations of low-income skills and developing high-income skills, you can improve yourself, earn more money, and achieve financial freedom. Embrace technology, trends, and continuous learning to unlock your potential and succeed in life.
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