Starting a DStv and GOtv subscription business is another way to generate side income in Nigeria. The most interesting aspect is that you don’t need much money to start, and you can even do it alongside your day-to-day job.

If you have a smart phone or laptop connected to the internet, you’re already well equipped for the business. However, you need to understand how subscription business operates.

Subscription business is a type of business model in which people pay a certain amount monthly/yearly in other to enjoy certain benefits/services. And there is more focus on retaining customer than getting new customers.

Now that you have the basic understanding of subscription business, the next step is to do a survey in your local community. You need to find out the average number of people using DStv and GOtv monthly in your area. Endeavor to separate the people using it from those that just have it lying down at home.

If you have over 25 people using DStv and GOtv monthly, then you’re good to go with the business. Below are the steps to kick-start the business.

How to Pay for DStv and GOtv subscription.

Paying for the subscription is the easiest part and we’ve over 10 ways to do it. However, I advice you use Quickteller or GTBank Mobile App because of their good user interface.

  • Paying through Quickteller is free, you just need to have a mastercard/visa ATM to pay for the subscription fee. Then you pay using the below link:
  • For GTBank mobile app, the subscription fee will be deducted directly from your account balance. So you just need to login, navigate over to the menu, choose other payments option, choose cable TV, choose GOtv or DStv, then choose the plans you want, enter the decoder number then PAY.NOTE: GTBank charges 100 for this services.

How to Charge Customers for the Service.

Most people charge their customers commission between 200 and 300 per DStv/Gotv subscription.

However, if you’re in a very competitive environment, charging 200 commission will help you get more customers, knowing fully well that it only cost you 100 to pay for the service.

How to Receive Payment from your Customers.

You need to ensure that you have added your commission to the total amount of the plan/package the customer is subscribing on GOtv/DStv. You can now request for payment into your bank account or cash if you have an office location.

If you always accept cash payment, you need to ensure that enough money is in your bank account, so that you can always have money to pay for the subscription.

How to Brand and Market your DStv/GOtv Subscription Business.

It’s beyond doubt that branding will get you more customers and increase your sales. However, it all depends on the budget you have. You can decide to:

  1. Open an office in an accessible location.
  2. Create online presence with Facebook and Instagram page.
  3. Operate a Whatsapp group.
  4. Run Facebook ads.
  5. Create a website to operate 24/7.
  6. Create a branded shirt and walk into corporate offices to get new customers. Most companies will even patronize you if they don’t have to leave their office before they get the subscription done. However, you need to build the trust.

How to Attend to your Customers.

Having good customer relationship is key in business, and it also determines whether your business will grow its monthly customers. Below are my tips on relating well with customers:

  1. Always thank your customers for even chatting you up or visiting your office, because they can as well decide to visit someone else (another competitor).
  2. Work on your delivery time. If you promise 1 hour, deliver within 30 minutes.
  3. Follow up on your customers: You can ask for reasons why a customer haven’t subscribed or what other assistant do they need after subscribing.

Thanks for going through this article, I hope you’ve learnt one thing or the other. I will love to learn from you, kindly drop your comments or suggestions about this business below.