Initia Incentivised Testnet Airdrop

Here is a simple guide on how to position yourself for a potential Initia airdrop


  • Cost: $0 
  • Time: 10m – 30m 
  • Laptop: with Microsoft Edge, Brave, or Google Chrome Browser
  • Phone: Android device with Kiwi or Misses Browser

Now let’s get started. 

What’s Initia?

Initia is a network for interwoven rollups. They’re connecting Layer 1s, Layer 2s and other communication protocols. Initia raised $7.5 Million from the likes of Binance Labs and Delphi Digitals. 

Now that you have an idea of what Initial is, let’s see how we can position ourselves for an upcoming Initial airdrop projected for 2024.

Step 1: Downloading the Initia wallet

Initia Network Wallet

Step 2: Getting testnet Initia coin from the faucet

Step 3: Earn Initia XP in the 8 week quest

  • Visit: and connect your Initia  wallet
  • Complete the 6 tasks and mint all NFT’s. You might need to reload page after each task
    • Get faucet
    • Create Username
    • Swap into ETH, USD, TIA
    • Stake INIT
    • Stake LP
    • Claim reward
  • After completing the above task, you will earn 600 XP

Earn Initia XP

Step 4: Feed your Jennie

  • On the feed your Jennie page, click on Earn More XP
  • Input this code for 50 xp: KNB8OZ4Q
  • Connect Twitter for 25 xp
  • Connect Discord for 25x and move up the rank on Discord for more XPs

Feed Your Initia Jennie

That’s all about Initia incentivised testnet, for more inquiries about Initia Network, connect with them on social media:

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