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Here is a simple guide on how to position yourself for a potential Movement Labs airdrop:
  • Laptop: with Microsoft Edge, Brave, or Google Chrome browser
  • Phone: Android device with Kiwi or Misses browser
Now let’s get started.
What’s Movement Labs?
Movement Labs is a blockchain infrastructure company that builds and maintains different blockchain networks, like M1 and M2, to support various uses and applications.
Now that we have an idea of what Movement Labs is, let’s see how we can position ourselves for an upcoming Move airdrop projected for the end of Q2/Q3 2024:

Step 1: Downloading the wallet

Razor Wallet by Movement Labs

Step 2: Getting testnet Move tokens from the faucet

  • Open the wallet, change your network to M1 Devnet, and click on the faucet to get free Move tokens.
  • Alternatively, you can visit:, paste your wallet address under M1, and then click the button “GET MOVE”.
  • If you tried both methods and didn’t get any free/testnet Move token, use a VPN (like Windscribe) to change your network location and try again

Razor Wallet Faucet

Step 3: Perform test swap transactions

Razor Dex Swap

Step 4: Supply tokens to the liquidity pool

Razor Dex Liquidity Pool Razor Dex Liquidity Pool

Step 5: Complete Movement Galxe task to earn more points

Movement Labs & Galxe

That’s all for now.
For more inquiries about Movement Labs, connect with them on social media:
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