Dan Lok just shared some insights about trading Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Forex, etc. I think it’s something you should check out.

First, he started by explaining a key concept about money, which is the fact that you need to first EARN MONEY, then KEEP IT, and finally MULTIPLY IT.

He said most people can only make tangible money in Cryptocurrency or Forex if they have a lot of money. According to him, you need to first make money before you start investing, otherwise, you will most likely lose your investment.

I would say I totally agree with him because I’ve been in the exact same shoe. I thought trading with little capital is a business. After losing all my capital I eventually realised that it’s not a business. I could barely pay my expenses with the returns.

Trading with little funds when you barely know what you’re doing is just speculation. You would most likely enter the GAMBLING FALLACY and lose all your capital.

My advice is that you first learn a good digital skills like Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Business Automation, Social Media Management, etc. When you now start earning consistent Income from it, you can now save to start trading and investing in Crypto, Forex or the Stock market.

Don’t waste your time trading with very small amount of capital. It’s just pure speculation, you can hardly cover your expenses except if you’re a professional.

Thanks for reading through this article. Click here to watch the full video.

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