Why Trading Is Not Easy and What You Must Do To Be Profitable

I recently spotted a unique story on why trading is not easy. And how most people’s trading journey is.

It’s so true whether you’re a crypto or stock trader; hence the reason why I need to share it.

So here it goes👇


Trading is not easy…

It might look easy.
It might look like it is a concept that is very easy to grasp.
It might look like one can get rich quick, like it is all a game.

Don’t get me started about it.

First, you can come in with cash on hand ready to go.

You are blessed with the beginner’s luck;
With the bullish market… Whatever you buy goes up.

You still don’t know how it really works of course, so all gains aren’t realized earnings, everything is lost on the first drop; but you got a taste of it, the potential is real and strong.

Of course, never give up…
Let’s try again.

We come in with cash on hand, no plan, high expectations; ready to earn.

Here comes another wave…
Prices start to go up…
Doubts creep in but still, we sell some and this time we won.

Feeling all good, some time went by and we think we know the game.

Time to step up; Futures, Margin, Leveraged…
All gains lost again in one day.

Trading can be easy but trading is more than choosing the right coins at the right time and knowing when to sell.

Let’s try again.
It is my turn, cash on hand we are ON!

This time around I know the markets.
I know the waves.
Quit leveraged and margin trading.
This time I am holding for long…

What happened?

Some outside circumtance messes up everything you had planned, the conclusion is again money lost.

But not all is lost…
I am gaining experience.

I lost a few times but I can see and feel myself growing.
I feel better today, smater and way more experienced than 3 years ago… Are you giving up?

Of course not, never give up!
Let’s keep on trading.
As long as I am a part of the market, my money grows.

Trading overtime becomes really, really easy, because we can see what is really happening.

We can understand the market.
We have a very plain and simple strategy…


I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Story Credit: Namaste Trading Telegram Channel

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