10 Things To Consider When Planning A Seminar in Nigeria

Wikipedia defines a Seminar as a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. It can either be a paid or completely free event.

I personally believe that if you’re just starting to build your brand, it’s better to start with free seminars. This will harbor room for errors, and also allow you to document yourself as a professional in your field. After doing two to three free seminars, you can now start doing paid seminars. Besides, you can use your free training to attract people to your paid training.

So let’s look at the things you need to consider when planning both free and paid seminars. Below are 10 tips that will help you plan a great training event.

10 Things To Consider When Planning A Seminar

1. Message

First, you need to clearly state the message, topic or area you want to train people own. Except you’re doing a boot camp, your training should not cover more than two areas of interest e.g. Graphic Design, Web Design etc. These will help keep people focused and get the best out of the event. In addition, being precise with your message will help you create captivating adverts to promote the event.

2. Audience

Knowing your target audience is very important when it comes to seminar business. Instead of coming up with a seminar to help a specific set of people you don’t know, It’s better to find a target audience and come up with what they want to learn. For example, you shouldn’t come up with a website development training in Maiduguri, Nigeria because your target audience is not there.

3. Venue

Choosing the right venue will depend on how large or small your target audience is. Besides, your venue should be close to your target audience and able to contain those that will come to the event. The setup most look professional, and exactly how you want people to perceive your brand.  Don’t do a motivational seminar in a class room. It doesn’t bring out the right perception or energy.

4. Promoting the Seminar

Promoting the seminar should not be a difficult thing. First, create the event page on Eventbrite or using Google Form. Next,  you advertise the event on Facebook, Instagram, TV, Radio etc. depending on the location of your target audience. Then you keep updating does that register for the event until the event holds.

5. Partners

Having the right partners will give you more credibility and in turn, increase the numbers of people that will come to your event. Imagine having Google as a partner or sponsor of your event. The reach and influence of Google will make many people attend your event. Know the right people to partner with and reach out to them through call or email. It’s not hard.

6. Refreshment

You must put into consideration the fact that people have a short attention span. If your training starts to get too long or boring, people will start leaving. A good refreshment is a way to make them stay.

7. Seminar Kit

Seminar kits are simply materials that make people participate effectively in your seminar. You require them to make your seminar an outstanding experience. Examples are; Agenda, Name Tag, Pen, Jotter, Internet Access, Projector, Sound System etc.

8. Games/Video/Audio Learning

Your seminar shouldn’t just be about only you talking. Find means to educate people using games, videos, and audio. Kahoot is a very good platform to create educational games. Youtube is a platform to get insightful and educational videos on what you’re teaching. You can as well get audio clip on SoundCloud or Spotify.

9. Use Social Media

You need to share details before, during and after the event on Social Media. Let people know you’ve conducted a successful seminar. This creates opportunities for you to partner with other trainers around you. Moreover, people that need your service but weren’t able to attend the event will start contacting you.

10. Follow Up

Follow up with everybody that contributed to the success of the event. Congratulate the attendees, thank your team members and appreciate the effort of your sponsors and partners. In following up with the attendees, you need to get feedback from them, and also let them know about your other products and services.

If you consider all the above tips in your seminar, boom! You’ve conducted a successful seminar.

Have any questions? Or interested in adding more to the above points, kindly do that using the comment box below.

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