10 Things You Must Know To Become A Millionaire

Many dreams to become millionaires or better still billionaires. I mean, there is this joy that comes with being financially free. We get to take care of ourselves, families, and friends.  The good news is, it is very ACHIEVABLE. All you need do is to follow some sound principles, this will in turn put you on the path of success.

So what are these sound principles?

I will share them with you:

1. Successful people know that success is not a gamble or a matter of chance.

Yes, every successful millionaire out there knows that becoming successful is not a matter of hit or miss. It’s just a matter of time. If you’re doing the right thing and giving value, you will surely be successful.

2. Successful people know that all success comes from hard work.

This is another thing you must know about success. It doesn’t just come from playing and watching things pass you by. You must work your butt off and put in the required effort to get outstanding results.

Smart work is also important but you’ve got to work hard before you work smart. Things won’t come to you on a platter of gold.

3. Real success is a lifetime of learning

I say this every time. You must make yourself a learning machine.

Don’t ever underestimate the amount of knowledge you can accumulate if you dedicate just 2 hours every day to know what’s going on in an industry.

Learning is not enough, unlearning the wrong or out-dated information is also very important.

Note that the illiterate of the 21st century will be those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

4. Successful people have conditioned themselves to learn from others and their failures and successes.

It’s crystal clear that every successful person out there knows the importance of learning from other people’s successes and failures.

You see, if you’re to make all the mistakes in this world and learn from them, it will take you over 500 years to be successful. That’s too much time. And that’s why you need to learn from mentors, thought leaders, and researchers via their books, papers, and videos.

Great people STAND on the shoulders of Giants.

5. Successful people learn by practicing what they know daily.

I was so amazed the day it came to my realization that you could become a very knowledgeable expert just by increasing 1% every day on a particular subject or aspect of your life. That alone is 365% in a year, and over 1000% in 3 years.

This is how successful people make it in life. They didn’t get there by becoming 100% better today, 20% tomorrow, and 0% next tomorrow.

They ensure they discipline themselves to improve daily. Lasting change is gradual, and it does take time.

6. Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself.

You will surely learn a lot by trying things out.

Action is very important in the game of business. The faster you get at executing your ideas, analyzing it, and making corrections, the more successful you will become, and the more money you will make.

Don’t just wait and watch things happen. Get both your hands dirty by jumping on trends before others.

7. Successful people know that true success doesn’t come by luck.

I want you to know that even though every successful man was once lucky, it is not luck that made them successful in the long run.

They proved themselves worthy of success through a lot of daily ups and downs that may swallow others.

So be prepared, the road to being a millionaire won’t be easy. You’ve got to maneuver yourself from one failure, setback, opportunity, advice, success to another. And don’t let any of them hold you down.

8. True winners know that they must develop skills and acquire adequate knowledge before becoming truly successful.

The fact still remains that if what you are currently doing or what you currently know is enough to make you a millionaire, you would have become one a long time ago. This means you need to dedicate time to learn new things and master what is working.

You’ve got to learn more to earn more.

9. A successful person is one who has the knowledge, skills and expertise. He knows his onions!

The world is filled with many one-time millionaires who got rich and then lost it all.

What happened? They most likely lost focus and stopped learning and becoming good at what they do.

To avoid this, always surround yourself with experts and good advisors.

10. Work your way to success and don’t expect it to come by accident.

The majority of successful millionaires out there worked their way to success. It wasn’t handed over to them by a friend or relative.

Growth is key. You may not become successful in 1 to 3 years but if you keep at it, you will eventually become successful.

And don’t forget: life is a ride and wherever you get to, just keep riding, and that’s how you get things accomplished.

Now back to your entrepreneurship journey. I wish you the very best!

I will leave you with a quote from Tilman Fertitta:

When things are going well, don’t think that things won’t go bad. And when everything is going bad don’t think things won’t become good again.

To scale through, you must be prepared at all times.

Never give up my friend.

This writeup is an excerpt from Sunday Adelaja’s book titled “Money won’t make you rich.” The author has made countless of people millionaires.

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