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Are you a real estate marketer, online marketer, local business owner, show promoter, or politician in need of phone numbers of active Nigerians for your marketing campaigns? Search no more as you have come to the right place.

This phone number database consists of the contact of 150 million active Nigerians.

It is divided into various states as well as the local government of each individual. But that’s not all. You also get their full name, date of birth, polling unit, local government, and state.

Why should you get the Phone Number Database of Nigerians?

This database is only for advertisement purposes. That is you can use it for marketing or promoting products, shows, or events that you need people from a particular location or region.

For instance, let’s say you sell brand new electrical products in Ibadan, Nigeria. You can decide to get the database and check for people in that area that can patronize you. Next, you send them an SMS message about your products stating your location or website.

With a special bulk SMS platform I will recommend, you can send messages to all Do Not Disturb(DND) numbers.

When last was the database updated?

The phone number database of Nigerians was last updated in 2020. It consists of the active numbers of Nigerians across the 36 states of the nation.
Phone Number Database

How are the numbers categorized?

The numbers are categorized according to the state, local government, polling unit, date of birth, occupation, gender, last name, and first name of the individuals. Each state is in a separate excel file for easier access.

How not to use this product?

Don’t use it to scam or disturb people. Your line would eventually be detected and banned. You may even get arrested.

How much is the phone number database of Nigerians?

The phone number database of Nigerians cost ₦50,000 for the whole 36 states of the country or ₦10,000 for a single state.

If you act fast today , you will get it for a token sum of ₦25,000 only.

NOTE: This price offer is only available for the next 48 Hours, and at exactly , it goes back to the original price of ₦50,000 only.

What will I get when I pay for the phone number database?

You would get the following when you make payment:

  1. A complete phone number database of Nigerians in the 36 states of the nation.
  2. A guide on how to use the database.


  • A simple guide on how to use bulk SMS, email marketing, content marketing, and online marketing to grow your business/brand/career in Nigeria in 2022.


Pay the ₦25,000.00 via  Paystack and get an instant download


Pay the ₦25,000 into our corporate bank account.

  1. WemaBank: 0122659355
    ColossalNet Technology Ltd
  2. GTBank: 0523458530
    9jacashflow Education
  3. GTBank: 0128522966
    Kehinde Lawal

NOTE: After successful payment, send an email to [email protected] or call 0810 185 0909 providing your payment details.


You will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 7 days if you don't get the updated database of Nigerians in the 36 states of the nation.

No hassle, you don't even need to tell us the reason. Just request your money and you will get a refund instantly alongside an apology for wasting your precious time.

PS: You won't always see this offer, so grab it while it lasts. This same phone number database is sold for ₦100,000 on other platforms, that's ₦75,000 more than my own price.

You may not come across this valuable marketing product again, so make sure you get your copy today!

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