2024 Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria

2024 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria

This informational eBook contains comprehensive details on the 2024 prices of all building materials in Nigeria. Covering an extensive range, this eBook presents the current prices of major building materials necessary in general building and civil construction work.


This eBook spans 81 pages, offering detailed descriptions and prices of major building materials in Nigeria. It’s divided into 17 categories, each extensively elaborated to encompass all available items/materials within that category. Additionally, each category includes the contact details of wholesalers/distributors for confirming new prices and procuring such items.

The creation of this eBook was a two-month project that incurred expenses exceeding ₦1,000,000 to compile prices, images, and distributor contact details. Moreover, it took over 3 hours daily to compile this highly beneficial and in-demand eBook.


2024 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria 2024 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria 2024 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria


This eBook was born from the need for accurate building material prices in Nigeria, primarily aimed at assisting professionals like Quantity Surveyors in preparing estimation rates for pricing BOQ. The demand for current prices of building materials from loyal fans of www.9jacashflow.com was also a driving force. Additionally, the endeavor sought to eliminate the stress and cost of traditional market surveys by compiling a database of material prices and distributor contacts for easy confirmation of price changes.


  • General knowledge of current building material prices in Nigeria.
  • A baseline for manufacturing building materials when aware of market prices.
  • Estimation of cost for building projects and budgeting (Material Schedule).
  • Basis for calculating rates for pricing “BOQ” (Bill of Quantities).
  • Utilization in pricing “BOQ” or providing quotations.
  • A purchasing guide for building materials.
  • Enablement as a building material cost expert.
  • Savings by being aware of exact market prices.
  • Validation tool for quotations provided by professionals.

CATEGORIES (Displaying different types and prices of each product):

  1. Plumbing Materials
  2. Electrical Materials
  3. Tiling Materials
  4. Roofing Materials
  5. Tools and Hardware (Professional)
  6. Doors
  7. Windows
  8. Building Materials (Hand tools)
  9. Wood (Planks etc.)
  10. Iron and Rod
  11. Bolts & Nuts
  12. Paints
  13. Cement, Sand and Stone
  14. Bricks, Blocks and Kerbs
  15. Alert, Fire and Smoke Detection System
  16. Other Materials (Tarpaulin, Partition Wall, Show Glass and Wall Cladding etc.)
  17. Agricultural Materials
  18. Renting Of Labour & Materials Per Day
  19. Contacts Of Distributors And Merchants

SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATION: Used for ease of reference (m = Meter, m2 = Square meter, m3 = Cubic meter, Nr or No = Number, Kg = Kilogram, T = Tonne, L = Length, Roll/Bundle/Packet = Standard packaged sizes of materials, Face/Swing/Slide = Distinctions in doors and windows).


Downloading the eBook is easy, all you have to do is, pay a token amount and you will have access to download this benevolent eBook that contains all the prices of building materials in Nigeria.

Though have spent over ₦1,000,000 in getting the current prices and settling all distributors in addition to the time used in preparing the eBook, I will still sell it for a token amount, because of the altruistic side of me (always wanting to help people)

So, how much will this eBook cost? If I decided to sell it for ₦100,000, I think that would make me recoup some of my costs, but I have decided to sell it for a token sum of ₦20,000 only.





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If you purchase the eBook - 2024 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria @ ₦20,000 - today, you will get free access to the 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022 price databases for you to track previous building materials prices.


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