40 Guidelines From The Millionaire Fastlane Book

It’s been raining frequently in the month of June, and I’m really enjoying the cozy weather. It’s very good for reading and brainstorming. Don’t mind me! 😊

I just finished studying a book titled, “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco – a renowned internet entrepreneur.

The book is very insightful with a lot of eye-opening and life-changing ideas. And in case you don’t know, the “Fastlane” is a way of achieving financial freedom and accumulating abundant wealth within a few years (6 to 8+) while owning a business system that generates net profit, cash flow, and also increases in asset value.

It’s not a “Get Quick Easy” approach, however, you can “Get Reach Quick” if you choose any of the following systems that you can own, control, leverage, and scale.

The 5 Fastlane System

  • Rental system
  • Computer and software system
  • Content system
  • Distribution system
  • Human resource system

Here are the best 40 guidelines you need going forward as handpicked by the author.

The 40 Fastlane Lifestyle Guidelines

I SHALL . . .

1. Not dismiss “Get Rich Quick” as improbable.

2. Not allow the Slowlane to bury my dreams.

3. Not allow Slowlane prognosticators to contaminate my truth with their dogma.

4. Not ordain the Slowlane as the plan, but let it be a part of the plan.

5. Not sell my soul for a weekend.

6. Not expect nor seek a chauffeur to wealth.

7. Not trade my time for money.

8. Not put time in control over my financial plan.

9. Not forsake control over my financial plan.

10. Not demote time as abundant and effervescent.

11. Not assign faith to events, but to process.

12. Not take advice from gurus who preach one roadmap, while getting rich using another.

13. Not use compound interest for wealth, but for income.

14. Not disrespect the passivity of a dollar.

15. Not cease learning at graduation, but start it.

16. Not impose the burdens of parasitic debt into my life.

17. Not play on Team Consumer, but switch to Team Producer.

18. Not dismiss the plausibility of my dreams.

19. Not chase a path of money, but a path of need.

20. Not fuel my motivation by love, but by passion.

21. Not focus on my expenses, but on my income.

22. Not pay myself last, but first.

23. Not do what everyone does.

24. Not trust everyone, but allow trust to be proven.

25. Not relinquish control over my business.

26. Not hitchhike, but seek to drive.

27. Not operate within limited scales and in tiny habitats.

28. Not dishonor the horsepower of my choices.

29. Not swim as a guppy in a pool, but as a shark in the oceans.

30. Not consume first, but produce first, and consume later.

31. Not engage in barrier-free or entry-weak businesses.

32. Not invest in other people’s brands, but in my own.

33. Not give credence to ideas, but to execution.

34. Not forsake my customer for other stakeholders.

35. Not build a business, but a brand.

36. Not focus my marketing messages on features, but benefits.

37. Not be a polygamist opportunist: Focus!

38. Not engage my business like checkers, but chess.

39. Not live above my means, but seek to expand my means.

40. Not live without the insurance of financial literacy.

I hope you’ll find the above nuggets useful. 

For more information, kindly purchase a copy of the book or visit the Fastlane Forum.

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God Bless!

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