How Financial Education Campaign Could Save Nigerians

It’s obvious and crystal clear that many Nigerians are struggling.

But feel free to dispute that if you’re a politician, banker, business magnate or someone living outside the continent.

I do understand.

But the fact is a lot of policies been made by the so called representatives(policy makers) keeps driving the average Nigerian backward.

The cost of everything you can point to as risen except salary and wages.

Anyways, let’s look at the solution. 

One possible way to help Nigerians is through financial education campaigns.

  • We need people to understand what inflation, recession, depressions, bubbles are?
  • We need them to understand what coin, money, currency, saving, lending, investing, forex etc are and how they affect their lives as average Nigerian.
  • We need to let many know about cryptocurrecy and it’s usecase as sound money.
  • We need to let them know it’s not good to only consume but instead produce and contribute to the national economy.
  • We need to let them know it’s okay to pay tax thus fundinig the government.

There are alot of things we need to let the average Nigerian know about business, finance and the general economy as a whole but I will stop here.

I believe the starting point for any realistic plan for survival and growth of our dear nation is awakening average Nigerians.

So these are the tasks for you and I:

1. Become self-informed: That’s not as easy as it sounds. It involves a major commitment of time and money for books, recordings, and seminars. Do it.

2. Become a pamphleteer: Develop a mailing list of friends who you think would be most receptive to learning more about these issues. Send them something every month that is informative and not too long to read. 

3. Join forces with others of like mind: There is strength in numbers. Three people acting alone are a force of three. When working together, however, they multiply their efforts and equal a force of nine. That is the power of organization. When choosing an organization, look for experienced and principled
leadership which has proven that it understands the deeper issues and cannot be sidetracked by the Cabal.

4. Form an educational study group: Give it an enticing name such as The Reality Club or The Awareness Lunch Bunch. Make the meetings interesting and short. Use local speakers, ask members to give book reviews, show videos, have mock debates, throw parties. The goal is to reach new people, not to preach to the choir.

5. Form ad-hoc committees: Do this along with other like-minded friends, to promote specific projects and programs. Here are a few hypothetical examples covering a range of issues: The Committee for Sound Money, Parents for Better Education. That is an excellent way to bring pressure to bear on
the political structure and, at the same time, attract the support of new people who share your common objective.

6. Expand your influence within the community: People seldom follow strangers. Become known and respected for your knowledge. Join groups that are influential within your city or profession. Political groups are particularly important, regardless of party. Volunteer for work and seek a leadership role. Personally visit your city and county politicians and maintain ongoing communication. Send them books, articles, gift—anything to make sure they don’t forget who you are. This is doubly important for political candidates. If you have the talent and the aptitude, consider running for some kind of public office yourself.

7 . Use politics, don’t be used by it. We got into our present mess through politics and we must get out the same way; but getting out is a lot harder than getting in. The strategy, however, is simple: remove the big-spending internationalists from office and replace them with men and women dedicated to sound money and national independence. The way to remove the spenders is to expose their voting records to their constituents, most of whom have no idea how they vote on key issues. The way to get better candidates elected is to volunteer to work in their campaigns.

Work within party organizations where possible but beware! Never allow loyalty to the party to override loyalty to principle. Political parties are always controlled from the top, and the major parties are controlled by the very forces we must oppose. It is imperative that you and your candidate remain independent of party control. Otherwise, your money and your effort eventually will be used against you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through it.

We had better get going on it. Time is running out.


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