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How Things Can Get Better for You in 2024

I woke up from an afternoon siesta on the 13th of April 2024, and what came to my mind was how Nigerians can really improve, get ahead, make enough money, and be successful in life.

After pondering on the topic for a while, here are my thoughts on methods people can take to get better, get ahead, and be successful in 2024:

  1. Become better in every area of your life, thus producing more, earning more, and ensuring you invest in inflation-resistant physical and digital assets (real estate, crypto, stocks, yield, traditional business, etc.).

I believe getting better is the best thing you can do for yourself, and you can easily achieve it by:

  • Embracing technology and the latest advancements.
  • Finding a mentor and learning from people way ahead of you.
  • Working or providing good products and services for powerful/wealthy people so you can gain enough resources to help yourself and others.

I will explain why you need to work with wealthy people in the closing of this article, but for now, understand that you cannot help yourself or others without money or resources. It’s just not sustainable.

  1. The government reduces the rate at which they print money (because I don’t think anybody with the power to print money will stop printing money), reduces their spending and hunger for loans, reduces corruption, embraces meritocracy, and finally focuses on compensating real producers and making difficult long-term decisions that will favor the masses.

I know a lot of people want the government to help them and believe the government is the solution to their suffering. Hence, I’m adding this second option to get ahead.

While the second option requires the government to do some of the above activities, you have to understand that these are beyond your control and it’s not a good idea to leave your success in other people’s hands.

  1. You make enough money and connections to join politics or the elite lawyers and bankers thus making and implementing policies that favor you, your fellow elites, friends, and bankers.

The issue with this method is the second and third-order effects of your actions. The monopolistic policies via your lobbying/bribing reduce your competition and automatically make you money since you’re the only supplier or person with a license to operate. But at the same time, it kills the business of other competitors, with their respective employees losing jobs and their families suffering from the loss.

I know you will say that our big businessmen who operate monopolies also have foundations and share money and goods with society. That’s fine, but it’s in no way better than an open market. Why kill competition so you can get rich and then use the money you make to help others?

It’s better to win your competition via better services and also help others.

I do understand this is a hard topic because even if these big businessmen don’t lobby, others will use it against them. Hence, it’s left to our government to be less corrupt and favor meritocracy and an open market over favoritism and bribery.

  1. Another way you can make instant money and be successful is to do negative things like cheating, stealing, robbery, scamming, hacking, bribery, forgery, corruption, market manipulation, etc.

The problem with this method of making money is that it’s so short-term-minded that it never lasts.

Also, it’s against the law of the universe which says you have to sow before you reap.

You’re not building any skills or producing anything. Instead, you’re taking where you didn’t sow/plant.

In due time, your bad deed will catch up with you, and you will eventually be caught and exposed.

Finally, by engaging in negative activities, you’re punishing other people, and karma will haunt you.

And I’m not saying I’m holy. I have been here before, especially in my late teens, but with the help of good mentors and friends around me, I was able to make the switch to becoming a producer of something good and unique and earning legitimately. So if you’re here reading this today and you engage in negative activities that make other people cry, I want to urge you to desist from it immediately.

Not for me, but for yourself, God, and the peace of mind it brings.

  1. Another way for things to get better for you, so that you will make a lot of money and be successful, is to marry successful people or work with successful people.

This method is quite fast, but the issue itself is that if you yourself don’t start improving yourself, the rich people might eventually dump you and you get back to having nothing.

Another thing you need to understand is that marrying a rich man or woman is good but not a guarantee to wealth.

If death should take your rich spouse or family members, it’s most likely you’re back to square zero (nothing).

Out of all these options, the best one to get better, get ahead, and make more money is option 1, which is to improve yourself.

The only addition I will add to these is to find good mentors and find a way to work or serve people more powerful, richer, and wealthier than you with unique products and services.

Two poor men cannot really help themselves. You also can’t help your poor people much if you don’t have money or resources.

It’s better to look for powerful people, projects, companies that align with your life purpose and mission, provide good value to them, and use the money you make to help the poor.

I have seen situations where the poor start by trying to help the poor with poor resources. It’s possible, but it’s also pretty difficult.

A good mentor will save you 5 to 10 years of wasted effort, and working with wealthy and powerful people whose projects align with your life purpose and mission will enable you to make enough money and gather resources to help the poor relatives or real people you want to help.

I hope you have learned a couple of things from my epistle today.

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