How To Land A Job In The Crypto Space

If you’re a nerd like me, you might have considered getting a job in the cryptocurrency space and noticed intense competition and the need to be outstanding before getting a position.

Nevertheless, this post(an excerpt from Pomps Podcast #1029) outlines the steps to take to get a job in crypto.

  1. Have a particular position you want on 2 or 4 crypto companies you want to work at. Make sure you like the company’s mission.
  2. Take time to write an exciting and unique cover letter.
  3. Don’t apply to multiple roles in the same company. It shows you’re confused. Instead, you can tell them in the interview other areas that you’re competent at.
  4. Be bold but be patient in your applications, especially in high-level roles
  5. Reach out to recruiters or people working at a company offering them what you can help them with. Send a Twitter or Telegram DM with thoughtful ideas to improve their product. Or share your sales ideas that could work.
  6. Put your ideas in public. Blog, Youtube, or Podcast about crypto. The likes don’t matter. You need something to redirect to when in an interview.
  7. Do your strength(maybe writing, vlogging or podcasting) that doesn’t look like job/work, as you will be able to do it for a long time.
  8. Being consistent makes you become reliable and disciplined.
  9. Find a community of people who share your interest and have a long-term relationship with them
  10. Attend Bitcoin and crypto meetups, conferences, and seminars.
  11. Start a local crypto community around you.
  12. Engage with people you find interesting and knowledgeable. Join discord and telegram groups.
  13. The more you put yourself out there (though you may feel awkward at the beginning), the more luck you will have.
  14. Be able to handle “NO” from recruiters or not hear back from them.
  15. Be on Twitter spaces and contribute.
  16. Be consistent with your strength. All crypto companies need people to handle other aspects of their business aside from coding. So if you have experience in marketing, sales, community building, business development, etc. Work more on that and apply for that role instead of going to learn coding from scratch and competing with people with 5 years+ of coding experience. The latter won’t work out well for you. Make sure you focus on your strength or what you have valid experience in.

That’s about it. But I will add two final tips for you.

  1. Start working as if you’re already employed by that crypto company. Put yourself to such a high-level standard that they expect from their employees.
  2. Create a standard CV/Resume from


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