My Multidisciplinary Life Checklist

This checklist was motivated by Charlie Munger’s multidisciplinary approach to life, business, and investing that I published a few days ago. You can read it here.

Also, George Donelly, a mentor of mine whom I worked for in mid-2021 gave me this blunt feedback. He said, “If you want to be successful in life, you need to improve your consistency, follow-through, and attention to detail…

Lalkay Multidisciplinary Approach to Life
Telegram message of George Donelly advice.

And to be consistent, and also pay great attention to details, I believe you need a checklist of your guiding principles. Here is mine, have a blast going through it.

  • Use your multidisciplinary approach: there is no point having it if you won’t use it.
    • Nothing stands alone in this world hence you need to think deeper and consider all important factors when making decisions or evaluating a circumstance
    • Work from a checklist
    • Use a standard game/program to learn certain things eg. a fitness app, strategy game(chess), or investing game(monopoly)
  • Inversion – This is helpful when you find yourself in a difficult situation, or when you find it very hard to achieve something. Turn things upside down to get great insights.
    • Start from what you want to achieve and move backward
    • Start from what you don’t what to achieve – remove unimportant things
    • In a difficult situation, invert always.
  • Balance – work towards a balance in most of what you do. Not too much and not too small
    • Don’t be an extremist
    • Don’t be a blind optimist
    • Don’t be a 100% pessimist
    • Be obsessed, passionate, motivated, and driven to succeed but also take time off to evaluate what you’re doing.
  • Have a full plan and set goals – think through  whatever you want to do very well
    • Set clear and detailed goals and objectives
    • Review your goals always
  • Kaizen: Life-long learning and improvement
    • Read. Read what you like. Read foundational things
    • Learn and seek advice from the right people
    • Never stop learning
    • Keep moving forward
    • Develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity 
  • Value
    • Make sure what you do is adding value and not just taking value
    • Make sure what you do is legal
    • Do it with integrity, honesty, and transparency
    • Trust but verify 
    • Always do good and forgets who gets the credits
    • Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people
    • Always look for win-win deals. Work on the other party’s interest and not reasons.
  • Savings: Save 20% of all your income 
    • Always pay yourself first
    • Increase or decrease it after 2 months depending on your experience
  • Purchasing: Make sure you can afford double the amount of something before you buy it.
    • Don’t go broke every time buying something
    • Don’t borrow every time you want to get a deal. 
    • You can fund 20% and get honest partners to fund it
    • Instead, you can help people sell their expensive stuff and earn a commission
    • Except you’re filthy rich always find out the price of what you’re buying from multiple sources and avoid overpaying for it
    • If you have money, there is no crime in getting a discount
  • Investing: Decentralise your wealth as much as possible.
    • Don’t hold all your wealth in your name
    • Buy and hold things in your company name
    • Invest in other trusted parties/people’s investments 
    • Let good people hold money for your long-term
    • Hold several uncorrelated assets
    • Hold crypto but on exchange and in non-custodial wallets
    • Take your time to study especially while buying illiquid assets like real estate. The more time you put upfront will save you a lot of time solving unnecessary issues
  • Business and work:
    • Love what you do
    • Be free to choose what you want to work on
    • Be authentic
    • Think longterm
    • Always check the metric of what you’re doing. Ensure you’re making progress and not just moving around  like everybody else
    • Get traction and keep going. Don’t stop
    • Delegate to people who are best at what they do
    • Get smart people with a lot of energy and high integrity
    • Always work with the right partners. Any previous bad reputation is a no.
    • Be as organized as possible
    • People should take responsibility and be accountable
    • Take small failures and keep going. People will forgive failure so far you’re honest and transparent
    • Celebrate little and big achievements
  • Say YES, and a lot of NO’s:
    • Say no to the good so you can get the great
    • Look at it as if you have a few businesses, deals, projects, and investments to make in life(about 20 – 50) and you can’t exceed them.
    • Thank people for considering you for an opportunity but let them know you don’t have enough bandwidth to work on it now. Let them know is a problem with you and not them.
  • Communication: communicate well and consistently in your relationship, business, and work.
    • Always say less than necessary. Don’t talk too much
    • Always say what, where, who, when and why something is to be done.
    • Build your business/brand in public in front of the right people.
    • Be transparent in your dealings and let them know what you’re up to.
    • Be resilient and ensure you give heads-up, and keep getting back up no matter the disappointment.
    • Use the 80/20 rule in your dealings and offerings 
    • Be reliable
    • Promise less and deliver more

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this post. I will add more as I become smarter and gain valuable real-world experience.

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