My Past 2 Months + Ronald Nzimora's Best Business Tips.

Dear 9jacashflow reader,

Today makes it about 2 months that I posted on my blog and Youtube channel. And even though I’m not here to complain or explain why I haven’t published any content online for a while, I want this article to give you some insights into what I’ve been up to and how I intend to build the majority of my business ventures publicly. Which I think would benefit all of you guys.

In addition, I noticed most of what I do are software-related, so I ventured into the physical product business recently.  I added laptop and gadget sales into my basket of businesses in late 2021; which means you can get quality laptops like MacBooks(both new and the US used) from me.

I also added fish farming in early 2022, which has been taking much of my time lately. Finally, I took a couple of online courses which would help transform 9jacashflow into a better brand that we all hope to see.

As usual, 9jacashflow will continue to share practical and educative knowledge about investing and online business. And while you’re waiting for our next article or video, feel free to read the 15 business lessons from Ronald Nzimora(one of Nigeria’s top online marketers).

15 Business Lessons from Ronald’s 18 years in business

#1: You have a lot more power and ability than you think.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Power simply means “the ability to act” and all of you possess this. You just have to decide to use it. Power is like a muscle, the more action you take, the easier it gets. Science has already proven this to be true as the neural strands in your brain get thicker the more you do certain things.

Coming up, I used to think lesser of myself, my abilities, and my ideas. Not anymore. The day I broke that chain was the day I broke free.

#2. Embrace fear but don’t let it rule your actions.

Even the very successful people you know get nervous before they embark on major goals. I do too.

They have just learned how to move forward despite that fear. How do they get the courage to move forward?

By gathering the best data, the best team members/vendors, and the best expertise they can find for what they want to accomplish.

And then saying, “Let’s go!”

Fear is a normal human reaction. It’s your brain telling you to pause, be sure and not make a mistake. It doesn’t say, “don’t do anything“. It’s us who interpret it as “don’t do anything“.

Don’t let fear paralyze you into inaction. If you do not act, then surely your fears will have come true.

#3. The first thing you should do is get 100% clarity on what you really want.

What do you really want? Is it to make billions? Millions? 100k per month? Feed thousands of kids every year?

If you don’t become CRYSTAL clear on the WHY behind that goal, you’re going to let obstacles kick your butt.

#4. Trust no one, at first.

Yes, there are some FANTASTIC people out there that are willing to help you, but there are also a lot of charlatans.

I have heard very unpleasant stories from people who paid hundreds of thousands of naira to “gurus” (that is why I HATE being calld that word) to help them only for the gurus to disappear into thin air.

Be careful and don’t be afraid to ask for references. I didn’t in the beginning and I learned this lesson the hard way.

#5. Always take income claims with a grain of salt.

If someone unless the person showing you can show you a video of him logging into his account and he doesn’t skip anything. Remember, they are not you, and you are NOT them.

#6. Screenshots are pretty worthless.

And not because they can be faked. It’s primarily because what the “gooruus” say they earned has very little to do with what you’ll earn.
If you start in business today, you’ll very likely NOT earn =N=10 million today. Income stacking takes time, learning, experience, opportunity, and luck.

The good thing is the previous things are what produce the “luck”

#7. Ranting and complaining never made anyone rich.

You can rant on Facebook or Twitter or on forums about “all these scammers”. It will not put one kobo inside your pocket.
Forget the scammers even if you have been scammed before and focus on learning THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT!

#8. Focus on one thing

When I first got started I wish someone would have held a gun to my head and advised me “look, you’re going to focus on ONE thing at a time and master it before you move on to the next“.

Focus isn’t just a word, it’s the ability to keep your eye on what you want to accomplish so any obstacles you see will be ignored.

#9. If you don’t HAVE A PLAN for how you will achieve your goals, you’re running a hobby, not a business.

Virtually all profitable companies plan out their year(s) ahead of time. IN Japan they plan out 25 to 50 years ahead of time. Think about that.

#10. If you don’t write a deadline by your goal, by definition it’s not a goal.

#11. Once your WRITE down your goals they are not set in stone. You can always change them as needed.

#12. There is no such thing as a “push button” solution that will make you rich. Anyone who says so is selling you fake Fulani medicine.

#13. Direction is important

Even though hard work and persistence are great, always take a step back so you can make sure you’re going in the right direction. There’s no sense in ending up in the Niger Republic if you intended to go to South Africa.

#14. Mediocrity rules the marketplace.

I don’t care if it’s improving your golf swing, finding the mate of your dreams, curing arthritis, or saving for retirement. Your competitors are lazy, ignorant, overprice their wares, cheat on their customers, disregard their clients – they do everything to take the easy way out.

If you refuse to do any of those and spend your time doing the exact opposite, and if you truly EXCEED your customer’s expectations, you will almost always win in any market.

In the words of the late ole’ G Internet marketing master, Cory Rudl, “Take care of your customers and the competition will take care of themselves.

#15. The fastest way to tell if a market is profitable is this:

  • Companies are spending money advertising to the market.
  • People in the market are spending money buying stuff
  • There’s competition.

Finding markets is simple. If you head over to market places like Facebook Ads, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and CPA networks, you’ll find hundreds of markets, niches, and sub-niches.

The thing that is not simple is monetizing that market.

Virtually everyone knows that markets like weight loss, dating, wedding planning, sex education, study abroad, importation, etc. are extremely profitable.

Yet people view them as not profitable.

Here’s my advice.

When starting in business, sell to Nigerians FIRST. You avoid intense competition that way and you build experience.

I repeat sell to Nigerians! sell to Nigerians!!

Feel free to follow Ronald on Twitter, and maybe tell him I shared his 15 best business tips with you.
If I’m to add 1 tip to the ones above, I will suggest you surround yourself with the right people. These are people that inspire you, motivate you, or are way ahead of you. That way, you will continue to grow. Don’t make the mistake of keeping a lot of energy vampires around. They’ll do one thing for sure, which is to drain you completely.
And if you can’t find good people around, find them over the internet and connect with them.
Thank you.
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